Stay up to date with the intricacies of South African tax law2018 was again a year of change in the field of tax law. To assist tax professionals with the challenge of keeping up to date with the changes, LexisNexis publishes their trusted tax annuals, offering up-to-date legislation and expert insights into the South African tax laws. 15 Jan 2019 Read more >>

Meeting the needs of property stakeholdersThe real estate market is a multi-faceted one that involves the teamwork of a range of stakeholders to complete the process of a property sale. From the estate agent, seller and purchaser to the mortgage originator, bank valuator, bond attorney, financial institutions and conveyancer, it is essential that all stakeholders have access to the most up-to-date information available relating to the property and its sale. 22 Nov 2018 Read more >>

Safeguard your hard-earned cash from fraudstersAs members of the public, and companies alike, turn increasingly to the virtual marketplace to supply many of their product requirements, so too has there been an increase in the incidence of consumers being defrauded. 21 Nov 2018 Read more >>

Transport legislation author urges transport companies to prepare for AARTOOctober is Transport Month - focusing on the role transport plays in the economy, flagship projects and road safety - a fitting time to prepare for updates to legislation that will impact the lives of all drivers and transport company owners and operators - the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (AARTO) Amendment Bill. 23 Oct 2018 Read more >>

Instantly compare legislation at a specific 'Point in Time'Viewing specific changes to legislation and keeping up to date with all the latest amendments can be a time-consuming and tedious process for legal practitioners, particularly when it involves following a multitude of hypertext links to search for historical versions of Principal Acts. 25 Sep 2018 Read more >>

Bridging the gap between what the law is and how to apply itEmerging forces in the environment pose a variety of challenges for today's legal professionals. Attorneys and corporate counsel are expected to keep abreast of increased regulatory complexity in local and global jurisdictions, while clients are facing cost challenges and demanding more competitive pricing and efficient services. As legal information becomes easier to access, so alternative service providers such as legal consultants and legal outsourcing services can often provide similar service for less. 24 Aug 2018 Read more >>

Using technology to ensure accurate property assessmentsThe City of Cape Town Valuation Office is currently preparing the 2018 General Valuation Roll (GV2018) which will be published in February 2019. Used to finance and maintain the non-income generating services that benefit communities, such as traffic lights, maintenance and disaster services, parks and gardens, rates form part of the tax obligation that property owners are required to pay. 31 Jul 2018 Read more >>

Giant leap for Deeds Office with first electronically signed registrationIn a historic development that could spell faster and more efficient conveyancing processes, the South African Deeds Office has registered its first electronically signed property transfer. 30 Jul 2018 Read more >>

Expanded legal content now available to navigate Africa's business terrainAfrica's heightened economic momentum is widely recognised, with the continent now well entrenched as one of the favoured global destinations for investment opportunities and doing business. As companies without a presence in Africa continue to pursue a foothold on the continent, many South African firms are likewise establishing a presence in select African countries, whether through affiliations or established offices. 25 Jun 2018 Read more >>

Trends transforming governanceHolistic compliance protocols require a revolutionary approach to governance, risk and compliance (GRC). For GRC to be truly effective, businesses need to constantly revisit their processes and adapt to trends within the marketplace. Bosman Stramrood, ?General Manager: Lexis® GRC at LexisNexis, says there are several trends that are transforming governance, risk and compliance (GRC) in the market today. 22 Jun 2018 Read more >>

Using a trusted online legal source makes sense for small law firmsSmall law firms need to be able to assist clients with the best legal advice on a disparate range of matters - irrespective of their specific area of specialisation or expertise. This requires access to a comprehensive legal library and up-to-date legal resources, enabling practitioners to conduct research as required. 12 Jun 2018 Read more >>

Medical Malpractice in South AfricaFollowing the trend in other countries, there has been a veritable explosion of medical negligence litigation in the past 10 years in South Africa. This has necessitated the publication of a comprehensive guide for both medical and legal practitioners. Dealing with the practical aspects of medical negligence litigation from a substantive, procedural and ethical point of view, Medical Malpractice in South Africa: A Guide for Medical and Legal Practitioners is published by LexisNexis South Africa. 9 May 2018 Read more >>

The (un)certainty of taxes: Is the 1 January 2019 implementation date for carbon tax possible?One thing is certain in this context: anyone having to sign off on the Carbon Tax Bill has an unenviable job. Though everyone making submissions at the Carbon Tax Draft Bill public hearings held in mid-March appreciates the need for responsible climate change action, many argue that a carbon tax effective from 1 January 2019 and as currently framed, is achievable, but not necessarily the best mechanism.1 19 Apr 2018 Read more >>

Reliable solution available to contest municipal valuationsThe announcement, by City of Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba, that 8,000 property owners will be receiving new notices for properties that appear to be over-valued was met with an increase in online property valuation requests, according to Greg Brown, director at LexisNexis South Africa. 5 Apr 2018 Read more >>

Become your own compliance championCompliance officers have the opportunity to position themselves as the essential business asset that they are, anchored not only by a strategic understanding of their business and its regulatory obligations, but also qualities such as adaptability and openness. This is especially necessary in our constantly changing regulatory environment, according to regulatory compliance author, Karmil Govender, of LexisNexis South Africa. 19 Mar 2018 Read more >>

Lexis Library Time Select equips small legal firms to turn time into moneyLexis® Library Time Select, the new 'pay as you go' research pricing package from pioneer content and technology service provider LexisNexis South Africa, will revolutionise the way small to medium legal enterprises in South Africa conduct research, giving them access to up-to-date and relevant legal content and increasing their billable hours exponentially. 2 Mar 2018 Read more >>

Get to grips with the law on strikesStrike action is an area of labour law where the stakes are high. The Labour Relations Amendment Bill, 2017, published on 17 November 2017, attributes a misalignment between the law on strikes and action taken by parties during industrial action, as the root cause for protracted and often violent industrial action. In a specialist new book titled Strikes and the Law, a panel of expert authors addresses these challenges, while also suggesting possible solutions based on their combined expertise. 1 Feb 2018 Read more >>

Guide to conveyancing and notarial practice releasedThe Practitioners' Guide to Conveyancing and Notarial Practice is the latest new release from publisher LexisNexis Legal & Professional, a leading global provider of information and analytics. The publication, authoured by Allen West, is aimed at the property and conveyancing market including legal practitioners, students and estate agents and provides comprehensive and up-to-date examination on the practice and procedure governing the registration of deeds and documents at the Deeds Registry. 31 Jan 2018 Read more >>

LexisNexis South Africa takes top honours at National Business AwardsLexisNexis Legal & Professional, a leading global provider of information and analytics, saw its LexisNexis South Africa operation announced as winner of the prestigious Innovation through Technology award at the 15th annual National Business Awards, held on 16 November at Emperors Palace. The company was up against impressive contenders including runners-up AECOM, Sentech and Dell Computers. 21 Nov 2017 Read more >>

What are the legal implications of your company's social media use?Reputations have been ruined on social media. Recently there has been an upsurge in the number of businesses, educational institutions, government officials and private citizens who have discovered, to their cost, that what they or their employees say online can have serious consequences. 19 Oct 2017 Read more >>

The millennial factor in corporate governanceWhen it comes to good corporate governance, “the power is no longer in the boardroom. It is in the smartphone.” This was the key takeaway from a recent compliance business breakfast, hosted by LexisNexis South Africa at its Durban head office, where guest speaker, Michael Judin emphasised the influence of the digital revolution on the King IV™ Report on Corporate Governance. 18 Aug 2017 Read more >>

LexisNexis supports new advocates with startupEach year, newly qualified advocates from previously disadvantaged backgrounds are selected for a lucrative startup sponsorship from LexisNexis South Africa as part of the company's Advocate Advancement Programme (AAP). The programme has benefited around 200 recipients since inception five years ago, representing a total investment of over R10 million from LexisNexis. 1 Jun 2017 Read more >>

Take the law into your own hands with Lexis MobileTax and legal professionals in need of convenient on-the-go access to their loose-leaf content now have the perfect solution in the form of the Lexis® Mobile smartphone application from LexisNexis South Africa. 5 May 2017 Read more >>

Updated guide offers practical do's and don'ts on competition for corporatesAntitrust and competition laws exist to encourage fair competition and ethical trade practices, yet - despite these laws - high-profile cases continue to emerge indicating collusive practices and cartel conduct. In addition, many corporates still grapple with the shifts introduced within the South African competition law framework by the Competition Act of 1999. 10 Apr 2017 Read more >>

Legal piece wins sought-after ‘best article' prizeJohannesburg attorney Dineo Peta's article on "The effect of the 'once empowered always empowered' rule on the mining industry" has won her the 2016 LexisNexis Prize for Legal Practitioners for the best article by a practising attorney published in leading legal journal, De Rebus. 7 Apr 2017 Read more >>

Mobile legal research is the futureSurvey delivers insights into research trends 3 Apr 2017 Read more >>

What does the King IV mean for compliance officers?The fourth edition of the King Report on Good Governance (King IV™), released late 2016, is the new benchmark for corporate governance in South Africa. Key changes in this fourth edition include fewer principles, clearer differentiation between principles, practices and outcomes, as well as the introduction of specific supplements for different sectors. 29 Mar 2017 Read more >>

Take the proactive approach against rapid compliance changesRapid changes in the regulatory environment as a result of growing pressure from civil society are leaving organisations struggling to keep up with compliance overload. 9 Mar 2017 Read more >>

The importance of updated citations in your argumentAs complicated and time-consuming as legal research can be, there is no more effective way to strengthen an argument in court than with sound case and precedent referencing. Traditional legal research, conducted manually, presents many pitfalls and risks, according to Sumantha Reddy, Content Manager: Legal loose-leaf and Law Reports, from LexisNexis South Africa. 10 Feb 2017 Read more >>

Attorneys continue to embrace technology - LSSA surveyAn increased appetite for online services, smarter use of technology, and the entrenchment of digital research, are just some of the continuing shifts among the attorneys' profession in South Africa. This is according to a new survey of close to 750 South African attorney firms, conducted by LexisNexis South Africa content and technology solutions provider in partnership with Law Society of South Africa. 9 Nov 2016 Read more >>

Acquisition delivers faster growth and enhanced customer benefitsNovember 2016 will mark one year since legal content and technology solutions provider LexisNexis South Africa (LNSA), part of RELX Group, acquired Korbitec, a leading provider of content-enabled workflow solutions for South African property professionals. The successful acquisition has significantly extended LexisNexis' reach into the conveyancing field, which is a critical component of the South African legal market where conveyancing firms represent 25% of the landscape. 2 Nov 2016 Read more >>

Local charities benefit from global community care driveVarious charity organisations and NGOs across South Africa are set to benefit from RE Cares, an annual global community programme spearheaded by leading content and technology solutions provider, LexisNexis South Africa, through its global parent company, the RELX Group. This is the first year that LexisNexis is also joined by its Korbitec division which it acquired in November 2015. 14 Oct 2016 Read more >>

How can online legal research save you time? Young lawyers share their insightsLegal careers are time sensitive and highly pressurised and that means there is little margin for error. As demands heighten, a new breed of legal professionals have come to recognise and appreciate the efficiency, simplicity and accuracy of online legal research. 5 Oct 2016 Read more >>

Tech boost for Kimberley High CourtGreater mobility and digital access for legal practitioners 7 Sep 2016 Read more >>

Legal guide released to tackle HIV/AIDS stigma and discriminationSouth Africa has over the years developed a progressive legal and policy framework to protect human rights for all people living with HIV and AIDS. However continued stigma and discrimination often remain barriers to accessing treatment and efforts to fight the epidemic must be accompanied by a solid commitment to respecting the human rights enshrined in our Constitution. 21 Jul 2016 Read more >>

Gauteng attorney's piece on 'Ukuthwala' earns top honours"One of the fundamental ideals set out in the Preamble of the Constitution is the attainment of a society based on social justice. This ideal will remain a pipedream if the dehumanisation, sexist exploitation and suffering of black women and girls under patriarchal tyranny are allowed to continue under the guise of custom, in particular Ukuthwala." 14 Jun 2016 Read more >>

Mthatha legal eagles set to soar through transformation programmesEight historically disadvantaged Mthatha legal professionals have been recognised and rewarded with tools to grow their legal practices, while at the same time advancing transformation of the legal sector. 1 Jun 2016 Read more >>

LexisNexis and Webber Wentzel launch new legal appLexisNexis has teamed up with African law firm, Webber Wentzel, to develop South Africa's first law firm app of its kind - tailor-made specifically for Webber Wentzel clients in the Technology Media and Telecommunications ('TMT') space. 4 May 2016 Read more >>

New advocates given a career boostAssisting with the development of newly qualified advocates is the mandate of LexisNexis South Africa's annual Advocate Advancement Programme (AAP). This year, 52 advocates from previously disadvantaged backgrounds were sponsored with technology and legal resources as well as in-depth training to help them kick-start their legal careers. 11 Apr 2016 Read more >>

Non-compliance comes at great cost to SA businessesSouth Africa is a highly regulated market which places an onerous burden on corporates to stay abreast of frequent changes in the regulatory landscape. Failure to comply could have costly consequences such as hefty fines and jail time, with boards and directors principally held accountable for non-compliance with applicable laws. 23 Mar 2016 Read more >>

New LexisNexis online store goes liveMarch saw the launch of LexisNexis South Africa's new online-store, giving customers easy access to LexisNexis products with updated features and a more user-friendly platform. In celebration of the new LexisNexis e-store, several launch special offers are available including a ten percent discount for existing e-store customers on their first purchase. 17 Mar 2016 Read more >>

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