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Post-Brexit immigration laws favour skilled workers heading to the UKWith Brexit fast approaching and the complex immigration laws set out by the UK, and now its new skills-based immigration system, it's a good idea to know exactly what the future holds for EU and non-EU South Africans wanting to live and work there. 8 Feb 2019 Read more

Overcome your fear of flying with Mango and a few extra tipsMost people are a little anxious about flying, but when a fear becomes a phobia, it can cause problems when the only option to seal a business deal, visit a family member, or fulfill a dream to travel the world, is to get on a plane. 8 Jan 2019 Read more

South Africa highly praised at the WTTC Africa Leaders ForumThe inaugural WTTC Africa Leaders Forum lauded the country for the progress made in travel and tourism at its inaugural Africa Leaders Forum held in Stellenbosch to discuss the key issues facing our travel and tourism sector. 7 Dec 2018 Read more

Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts attract over 75,000 visitors per yearThe recent drought has done nothing to reduce the number of tourists that still flock to the Mother City over the December and January holidays. With many airlines, like FlySafair, offering cheap flights to Cape Town, the city is geared up and prepared for the most festive time of year for tourism. 7 Nov 2018 Read more

Comair records sky-high earnings for more than seven decadesAgainst the odds of rising fuel prices, an impending recession and poor economic growth, Comair has recorded record earnings for the 72nd year in a row. 5 Oct 2018 Read more

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