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DMX specialises in Influencing your customers behaviour. We use Audio, Visual Stimulation and Scent to help motivate staff, build brands and enhance an unforgettable experience.
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The honeymoon is over for South African retailers. According to figures released by Statistics South Africa last week, retail sales have fallen for the first time in nearly seven years. 28 Feb 2008 Read more

Communications consultancy Bullion PR & Communication has won the bid to provide public relations services to DMX Music Africa - a global leader in the development and engineering of audio branding. 27 Feb 2008 Read more

The right music can contribute to enhanced customer satisfaction and increased restaurant sales, says a business music expert. 26 Feb 2008 Read more

Building a powerful brand is one thing. Consistently delivering on your customer promise day in and day out through a myriad of touch points is the hard slog of what it means to maintain a powerful business. In a market where advertising is becoming saturated, brands live or die through every experience your customers have with your staff. Craig Cesman, Chief Executive Officer of DMX Music looks at customer touch points, the interface where your brand meets your consumer and then lives or dies. 25 Feb 2008 Read more

The best gift retailers can give their customers this festive season is a uniquely mixed music mix from DMX, instead of another round of Boney M or Bing Crosby. 19 Nov 2007 Read more

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