Where is your business listed?

With the growth of internet users, and the advertising options available online, where have you listed your business services? 23 May 2011

Where do you search for business services?

Do you still go through standard print directories when searching for business services or do you prefer to search online for full show-and-tell websites? 23 May 2011

Are you pro- or anti-GM foods?

The Academy of Science of SA has given its endorsement for genetically modified crops, stating it "can contribute to the resolution of the African food shortage". 23 Aug 2010

Is the Cape wine events market over-saturated?

Between the various wine routes and numerous wine festivals, is the Cape wine eventing market over-saturated? 16 Aug 2010

Do official soccer fan jerseys cost too much?

Workers who make the official Bafana Bafana replica shirts say that R599 is too high a price for the product at retail level - especially since it only costs between R100 - R150 to produce. 17 May 2010

How have you been affected by the Eskom tariff increase?

The effects of the Eskom electricity hike is rippling through the industry. 7 Sep 2009

Has the drop in the repo rate made any difference to you?

The Monetary Policy Committee decided to cut the repo rate by another 100 basis points last week. 30 Mar 2009

Have you got your tickets for the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

Tickets for the 2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer tournament went on sale on Friday, 20 February. 19 Feb 2009

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