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Sponsorship request for Jamie Johnson to compete in New York talent show

Jamie Johnson is a South African Singer who took part in Talent Africa and was chosen for the SA team to represent South Africa in New York in Talent America. Talent America opens so many doors for young performers. We are looking for sponsors to help her reach this big opportunity that awaits her in New York. I am her vocal coach Maritza trying to help her. Please if anyone can help in regards to Jamie going for gold in the states we would appreciate it so much. Thank you in advance.
Jamie Johnson is 17 years old in Metric at Fairmont High School in the Western Cape. She's been singing since before she could walk. She took part in Talent Africa in February 2019 and got above 80% for her performances and went through to Nationals in Johannesburg. There she received gold for all her songs and was chosen to be part of the SA team.

They go every year to represent South Africa in New York where a lot of doors can open for kids with her talent. This is such a great opportunity and we would love for her to go. It is a lot of money to travel so far and we are trying to get a sponsor or donation for her to go. I have all the details of the comp and what they are about. Also have all the details of the costs.

Please contact me if anyone would like to donate or sponsor Jamie.

Thank you in advance.

Company name : Maritza's Vocal Training
Contact name : Maritza Truter
Telephone number : +27822989679
Email address :
Web address : Holly close 4, Bellair
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