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Tax and Reporting Specialist - Africa

Location:Cape Town, Century City, Canal Walk
Job level:Mid/Senior
Company:Digital Outsource Services

Job description

The Department:

We are a dynamic and diverse group of individuals working together in a fast-paced environment, with the sole aim of providing accurate and useful financial information

As the Finance department, we deliver timeously to the senior management and shareholders of the organisation, to assist with their decision-making processes in driving the business.

Purpose of the Role:

This role is integral to the finance team and expansion into Africa. This role will focus on tax research in new and existing African countries, documentation of such tax regulation, forecasting for new and current business to ensure potential profitability ahead of entering such markets. This role will be required to work closely with in country managers, Head of New Markets and Head of Finance to ensure correct compliance with all statutory, regulatory and reporting requirements across the African group.

This role will also be required to do all reporting for the African business units to stakeholders on a monthly and annual basis.

This role will report into the Group Head of Finance / Group Finance Manager.

Duties include, but not limited to:

  • Monthly Reporting

-        Prepare monthly income statement and balance sheet reports with notes for management review ensuring all in balance and updated for any changes in group structure (Total group structure).

-        Prepare monthly reports for in country partners and stakeholders.

-        Post management review bursting of all monthly reports for stakeholders.

-        Review and report on intercompany billing and balances.
  • Statutory Reporting

-        Preparation of annual consolidated financial statements including all notes.

-        Ensure consistent application of accounting policies across responsible entities and compliance to IFRS.

-        Annual tests for:

-   Fixed asset policies:

Periodic review to ensure compliance with IFRS (zero value assets in use, useful lives) and local tax authorities (e.g. Malta, UK etc).

-   Impairment:

Periodic test for impairment (Fixed assets, investments, goodwill, intangibles).
  • Board reporting

-            Coordination of all information for board reports.

-            Ensure disclosure in group reporting complies with IFRS and aids in displaying decision useful information for example:

-       Sensitivity analysis per major market for:

-         Currency exposure;

-         Accepted purchases;

-         Processor receivables;

-         Interest, credit and market risk and reasons for changes; and

-        Liquidity risk and evaluation of working capital management across all groups (Cash flow vs liquidity and solvency ratio).
  • Compliance reporting

-            All required reporting and submissions for regulated markets (eg Sweden, Switzerland etc).

-            All required reporting for all Gaming Authorities eg MGA.

-            Annual entity reports to administrators – Bellerive.

-            All reporting to be standardized across entities.
  • Adhoc reporting as required by management


Accounting recording and reporting systems
  • New business

-            Assist financial accountants and financial managers with new company set up for entities the statutory structure (organic or acquired) in Navision and Cognos ensuring consistency with all other entities.

-            Assistance with setting up new trial balances, vendors, banks, customers with responsible person.

-            Mapping new entities in Cognos and ensuring all reporting updated accordingly.
  • Ongoing maintenance

-            Map all new accounts in Cognos and ensure consistency across all entities.

-            Ensure all trial balances are consistent especially, intergroup, receivables, payables and fees.

-       System maintenance

-       Create new GL accounts.

-       Open and close accounting periods in NAV.

-       Refresh single, multiple or all entities in Cognos.

-       Open and close GL accounts for posting.

-       Investigate errors in posting to NAV (various).

-       Keep Cognos mapping relevant.

-            Effective training of other team members on Cognos and for report building to ensure that each team member is able to complete month and year-ends to final reporting.

-           Loading of new Cognos KPI’s.

  • Research

-            Research of all taxation implications for operating in new regions.

-       Gaming tax and VAT, Corporate tax, normal VAT, withholding taxes, reverse VAT.

-       Benefits of any applicable double taxation treaties.

-       Benefits of tax structures such as head quarter companies and testing for compliance.

-            Prepare forecasts for management for potential new markets including all taxes in order to determine future profitability and breakeven points.

-            Preparation of tax memo’s for presentation to the relevant Board.

-            Keep abreast of any changes to all taxes.

-            All taxes to be recorded on a tax matrix and tax matrix to be maintained.
  • Gaming VAT and taxation

-            Review gaming vat and tax calculations for all regions as prepared by the financial accountants.

-            Prepare taxation submissions for review by the relevant Finance Manager.

-            Submission of calculations via lawyers or website, request payment and follow through to completion before deadline.

-            Follow up on payment instruction to ensure taxes are paid before the deadline.

-            Assist with queries received from the relevant authorities and coordinate required information.
  • Normal VAT

-            Review gaming vat and tax calculations for all regions as prepared by the financial accountants.

-            Prepare taxation submissions for review by the relevant Finance Manager

-            Submission of calculations via lawyers or website, request payment and follow through to completion prior to deadlines. Request financial accountants to match.

-            Follow up on payment instruction to ensure taxes are paid before the deadline.

-            Assist with queries received from the relevant authorities and coordinate required information.
  • Corporate tax

-            Review monthly taxation accrual for tax entities

-            Prepare final tax calculations for review by the relevant financial manager

-            Submit corporate tax submission to the directors and auditors for review

-            Submission of return to the relevant tax authority and follow up on payments and receipts.
  • Review

-            First review of all tax payments to submission.

-            Review monthly tax and vat vendors follow up on outstanding payments and unmatched items.
  • Training

-           Set up and training of management accountants on any changes to taxes and taxes in new regions.

Audit reviews
  • Year-end audit files (External)

-            Obtain audit fees across all groups and request new proposed audit fees for negotiation.

-            Prepare audit timeline and plan each year and agree with the auditors (Financial Manager to be involved).

-            Set up of all audit review meetings.

-            Research new IFRS and apply to annual financial statements where applicable.

-            Manage the audit process:

-       Upload all audit files onto audit portal.

-       Constant follow up with team leads and financial manager to ensure timely submission of files.

-       Assist in finalization of audit files and TB’s for submission to auditors.

-       Coordinate all audit queries received (send to team lead and follow up on outstanding items).

-       Maintain an audit query list to ensure all queries answered and to assist with the following years audit.

-       Drafting of financial statements for management and audit review.

-       Audit journals:

-         Track audit and client journals resulting from audits.

-         Post audit journals in the relevant entities and accounting periods.

-         Summarise journals and compare TBs after journals were posted to signed AFS.

-         Communicate journals to the relevant teams.
  • Quarterly audit files (Internal)

-           Set up meetings for quarterly audit reviews for all groups.

  • Structures

-            Obtain and maintain relevant group structures.

-            Obtain an understanding of the group structures.

-            Agree all share capital to all relevant statutory documents and ensure that all investments are correctly recorded and consolidate out.

-            Maintain a director’s register for all entities in group structures.
  • Contracts

-            Prepare and maintain a contract matrix for each group structure

-            Ensure that all contracts are saved by group structure and agree to invoicing, loan etc relationships.

-            Liaise with Finance Manager when new contracts are required.

-            Ensure old contracts have been cancelled.

-            Consider tax implications of contracts between entities.

-            Consider transfer pricing where billing across boarders.

-            Liaise with Lawyers to ensure that both parties hold the relevant contracts.

-            Provide templates for contracts / loans as required.

-            Distribute for signing, and follow up until completed.

This job description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of responsibilities. The job holder may be required to complete any other reasonable duties in order to achieve business objectives.


Essential Criteria:
  • CA (SA) or ACCA or H Dip Tax
  • Accounting reporting experience.
  • Knowledge of IFRS.
  • Minimum 2 years taxation experience.

Desirable Criteria:
  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel.
  • Intermediate to advanced Microsoft Excel skills.
  • Experience in Navision.

Person Specifications:
  • Time Management
  • Self-Awareness
  • Commitment and Effort
  • Bottom Line Focus
  • Adaptability / Flexibility
  • Learning, Collaboration And Knowledge Management
  • Control And Efficiency
  • Business Acumen

Posted on 15 Mar 17:12

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