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Education level:Degree
Job level:Junior/Mid
Own transport required:Yes
Company:Metworx Pty Ltd

Job description

That is not a misprint. Our purpose is to make people more valuable to the marketplace, which often involves removing the ghosts of the past, sadly with fewer special effects, and a worse soundtrack.

Does this purpose resonate with you? We've been helping people be more valuable since 1995, and we're getting steadily better at it, which is why we need more ghostbusters.

Making people more valuable requires a sense of purpose beyond oneself. Also a blend of personal discipline, conceptual smarts, being good with numbers, having a genuine affinity for people, persistence, and creativity. Authenticity and integrity are crucial qualities for us.

You will need to be a good listener and an effective communicator. You must be teachable and non-judgmental, with a healthy curiosity. If you already know everything, stay where you are.

Passionate people do well with us. It's not that critical precisely what you're passionate about, just that you feel strongly about things, and can articulate this. Actually, that's not entirely true. If you're an anti-vaxxer, or a flat-earther, or think that chemtrails are a thing, don't apply. Even we have limits.

While serious about what we do, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. If you can't laugh at yourself, click out now.

Oh, and you should be a team player. No, really. We operate as small, self-managed site teams, and it's hard for your teammates to focus on adding value if you have weird personal space and/or hygiene issues. We don't do positions and titles - respect is earned.

Our work is not for the faint of heart - even people who know that they need to change their behaviour are grumpy about actually having to do it this week. Being okay with conflict is very much part of the deal.

Be warned, this is not an office job. We work on-site with the client, wherever they may be. Some indoors, but lots of outdoors. You'll also be away from your blankie and your budgie during the week, most weeks. If we get work out of the country, you can probably take your blankie with you, but the budgie will have to stay here.

On the plus side, you get to meet all kinds of interesting people, most of them eventually grateful to have us there to help them become more valuable to their particular marketplace.

A final, and quite important, point - you ain't gonna get rich working here. We pay okay, we look after our people properly [everyone is a shareholder BTW], and you sleep the sleep of the righteous, but none of us does this for the money. We take the money, but it's not about the money. If you want to get rich, try the parastatals. Better do it soon though - that particular party appears to be winding down fast.

Does this sound interesting? It's hard work, we must be honest. Not for snowflakes.

When we succeed - and we try very hard to succeed every time - we fundamentally empower the people we work with. They connect better with their business and can make Better Business Decisions. These Better Business Decisions make their business more profitable, stronger and more resilient. This, in turn, keeps people employed, which pays salaries and taxes and groceries and teachers and healthcare and suppliers and utilities and transport and rates etc., all of which keeps vital money pumping into the community. Which brings us neatly back to making people more valuable to the marketplace. That's the part that gets us out of bed in the morning.

We hire for character, and train for skills. Don't worry too much about exactly how we do what we do, or exactly what you'll be doing. We'll teach you everything you need to know. It's tough, but not impossible.

What you need:    
  • Grade 12, working towards a recognised tertiary qualification.
  • Some meaningful work experience.  We need people who have realised that home / school / varsity are not
    the real world, and have gotten over that disappointment, but are still flexible and teachable.
  • To be willing to be away from home during the week. We don't have a 'head office' - you're either on site adding value, or you're on leave.     
  • A valid passport. If we work internationally, you will be away on a rotational schedule.     
  • To be currently based within a 200km radius from Potchefstroom. Yes, it's a real place.     
  • To be medically and physically fit.     
  • To have a valid driver's license and your own reliable transport.     
  • To have a functional smartphone.

     Email the following to       
  • CV including your contact details;          
  • A few paragraphs about why you think you might be a good match for us, and why you think we might be a good match for you.
Please note - we're serious about that discipline thing. Applications that don't have the requested documentation will be automatically rejected.


Facilitator; facilitation; change management; industrial psychologist; consultant

Posted on 17 Jan 15:48

Recruitment team

+27 18 293 3399
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