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Logistics Coordinator

Logistics coordinator.


-Sage Pastel


This Is what I do and/ or did

- Receive shipments and ensure both quality and quantity
- Trace, track and expedite purchase processes
- Create and maintain contact with vendors and customers to ensure timely delivery of goods
- Interact with third party logistics service providers
- Audit freight cost and documentation
- Ensure accuracy of all inventories
- Maintain communication with warehouse staff to ensure proper working order
- Review bills, invoices and purchase orders
- Ensure all payments are processed in time
- Assist customers with inquiries
- Create packing lists and update shipment information in database
- Organise files both manually and electronically
- Monitor and facilitate repair orders
- Coordinate deliveries for repaired or returned items
- Ensure that the warehouse has sufficient space for incoming deliveries
- Ensure that all items are properly numbered and tagged
- Dispose of unserviceable or damaged items
- Conduct safety procedures for outbound shipment vehicle
- Reconcile hand receipts
- Manage warehouse security related work such as preparing badges, passes and identification cards
- Check invoices against service requests and verify invoices
- Monitor incoming supplies for quantity and quality
- Process logistics requests from various management sources
- Maintain safety of property
- Manage paperwork associated with shipping duties
- Interface with vendors and clients to ensure proper delivery of shipment

Major achievements
- Developed and implemented a system that checks for shipment quality and quantity using data from invoices and quantity cards
- I basically work as a Logistics Manager


Province:Western Cape
Education level:Diploma
City:Cape Town
Job level:Mid

Posted on 24 Oct 11:05