Chief Talent Officer

Remuneration:R60000 - R60000 per month Basic salary 
Benefits:Income Protector, Medical Aid, Study Budget
Location:Cape Town, Gardens
Education level:Masters
Job level:Management Snr
Own transport required:Yes
Company:Voys Telecom SA (Pty) Ltd

Job description

About the Company

We are one of the few companies in the country which embraces the philosophy of self-management. We’ve adopted the framework of Holacracy and aim for our colleagues to be the best possible version of their professional selves; to play in their zone of genius and be happy and excited to come to work on a Monday morning. In short, we believe in busting bureaucracy in order to create high-performing organisations with happy and engaged employees. 

About the Job
Self-management is not for everyone. It is an unorthodox and progressive organisational philosophy that requires a unique blend of independence, initiative, discipline, responsibility, maturity, and self-motivation. We happen to know that those people are out there – mostly because there’s a good few of them in here. One of the key focus areas of the CTO is to ensure a continuous talent life cycle by discovering members of this rare breed, bringing them aboard the good ship Voys, and unlocking their true potential here.

The Chief Talent Officer is also tasked with maintaining, sustaining, and continuing to build our unique company culture as well as applying all their strategic, logistical, and operational smarts to navigate the growing pains of a scaling tech company. We will continue to grow, but never at a pace where our capacity to maintain our culture or our unrivalled customer relations is compromised. In the words of our co-founder: ‘We’ll probably not become as big as we could be. But who cares if we’re all having fun doing it?’

About our Needs

You are passionate about people and a workplace culture that brings out the best in everyone. Yet somehow you haven’t quite found that perfect match where your vision dovetails with that of the organisation you work for. You are a highly respected and widely experienced practitioner of your vocation but have always felt that there is a different way to do it. A better way.

On the more practical front, we’re looking for a great manager with ample experience in spotting critical talent gaps and a discerning eye for the right kind of individuals to fill these. A track record in hiring and developing the right people in the right roles is crucial. You see the big picture and identify patterns across seemingly disparate areas of the business and give candid feedback to everyone - including the CEO. You also have a strong academic profile and a corporate track record which includes experience in transitioning tech companies to the scale-up phase.

You increase the success rate of new hires and decrease the time and energy it takes to find them by developing programmes to test the capabilities of prospective candidates and driving focused, efficient hiring processes. You are equally adept at retaining talent by rapidly onboarding new colleagues into the company culture and ensuring the fit between company and colleague is a seamless one.

What you'll be Responsible for
  • Attracting, selecting, developing, recruiting, onboarding, and retaining top talent
  • Drafting job posts in collaboration with relevant colleagues and our in-house copywriter
  • Head-hunting
  • Drafting employment contracts
  • Firing
  • Representing Voys at CCMA hearings
  • Assessing and improving Voys’ recruitment and onboarding processes
  • Providing a clear and concrete vision to achieve enduring employee engagement
  • Defining Voys’ employer brand strategy and employee value proposition (EVP)
  • Building Voys’ reputation as the best place to work
  • Protecting and strengthening company culture
  • Training and coaching colleagues on self-management and enabling them to work in their zone of genius
  • Designing and implementing a system to monitor colleague performance tailored to a self-managed organisation
  • Remaining abreast of the latest international developments and best practices in HR
  • Postgrad Diploma, Honours, or Masters degree in the relevant fields. A keen interest in systems of self-management
  • Proven track record and playing an active part in transitioning a business from early stage to scale-up stage
  • At least 10 years experience in the field
  • At least five years experience at an executive level
  • Experience in rapid growth organisations
  • Experience in technology service companies
About You

You have an enlightened, progressive, and forward-thinking worldview that embraces change and delights in innovation. You have well-developed faculties of empathy and sensitivity that allow you to see every situation from all sides and make your influence felt in a way that is welcomed and achieves consensus. However, the soft center is surrounded by a tough shell that allows you to lead and give direction and guidance, even in difficult and unpredictable situations.

You’re excited about the potential of self-managed organisations and company cultures where each individual is allowed to flourish in their roles. You’re stimulated by the idea of the culture itself being the management system as you believe that the ‘Big Brother’ style of managing people belongs on the scrapheap of history. You believe in the principles of openness, trust, and equality and that the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.

You have an eye for good business and a nose for bulls***. You’re not afraid to share what you know and you welcome feedback; in fact, you thrive on it. You’re also willing to unlearn what you know when the situation calls for it: we’re looking for people who have no problem adapting to newness.

About the pay and benefits

Salary R60,000 plusBenefits per month

We have a breezy, spacious suite of offices in Kloof Street, the epicenter of Cape Town cool. Benefits include Medical Aid and Income Protector contributions, Study Allowance, and more. Become an integral part of a passionate team looking to redefine how organisations treat both their people and their customers, while at the same time seizing the incredible cloud-based phone system opportunity in South Africa. You will be able to play a significant role in shaping the direction of this fast-growing venture.

Company Description

Voys is one of South Africa’s only truly self-managed organisations. We pioneer a vision of company culture in which both individual and collective endeavour forge self-sustaining success. We define this culture as our overarching sustainable competitive advantage. The ‘right fit’ is thus of paramount consideration in the quest for our CTO superstar: we’re looking for a senior professional who demonstrates excellence in every element of their working lives.

Posted on 12 Apr 07:55

Voys is one of South Africa’s only truly self-managed organisations.

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