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Center Marketing Manager

Remuneration:negotiable Cost to company 
Job level:Mid/Senior
Company:Oasis Group Holdings

Job description

The basic objective of a Property / Centre Manager is to effectively manage all elements of the Centre including but not limited to day to day running of the property facilities, maintenance activities, ,marketing and promotions, establishing and managing relationship with tenants, ensure full occupancy and other activities in order to maximise intrinsic value and returns of the property.

&• Customer service –required to interact with patrons on a daily basis and are adept at communicating with these customers in a friendly, professional manner
&• Public relations – Act as the public voice for the center and therefore must frequently interact with the media, the local community, and even law enforcement
&• Legal knowledge – while a legal background isn’t critical to this position, must be familiar with contracts and even zoning ordinances
&• Financial management – responsible for financial aspects of the retail shopping center, including rent collection, payroll, accounts payable to vendors, and budgeting
&• Communication skills –effectively communicate with a diverse group of individuals, including property management, retail management, security staff, middle management, and more
&• Computer experience – Electronically track inventory and perform other administrative tasks. Familiarity with the internet and Microsoft Office Suite is a requirement for the position
&• Possess a good understand of market in which the centre is located. A familiarity with which retail outlets will experience success within the shopping center will ultimately contribute to the success of the centre.
&• Provide input in Implementation of a leasing philosophy, risk management and the management of the tenant mix.
&• Reporting regularly to owner with information about the performance , issues and recommendations on &• Property maintenance – manage relationships with service providers, manage day to day issues and provide input in preparing short term and long term maintenance scheduled and improvement strategies
&• Supervise all maintenance activities and ensure that facility is maintained with a high standard.
&• Management and oversight of all service providers at the centre, including but not limited to:
Security Services, Cleaning, Pest Control & Hygiene Services, Fire, Health & Safety, Gardening and Landscaping, Maintenance and Air Conditioning.
&• Reduce tenant turnover – minimise vacancies within the property through delivery of excellent service to the tenants.
&• Exercise innovative ideas in order to fulfill client’s requirements and maximize owner’s returns.
&• Improve tenant relations – ensure strong tenant relationships based on service delivery.
&• Maintain property records.
&• Analyse expenses and prepare maintenance and other budgets for short, medium and long term maintenance of property.
&• Assist with financial reporting.
&• Leasing – marketing available space, setting rental levels, soliciting prospects, negotiating and executing leases along with leasing officer and legal department.
&• Interpret and maintain all leases with the assistance of the property legal advisor
&• Prepare daily / weekly and monthly property performance and operational reports.
&• Handle and management of incidents at property and escalate to property owner and appropriate authorities
&• Arrange site visits and showcase vacant stores to prospective tenants.
&• Inspect and report when tenant vacates to ensure premises is restored to original state as at the time of letting to the vacating tenant.
&• Tenant administration – management of leases, prompt rental collection and maintenance of good tenant relationships.
&• Risk management – management of physical risks that can influence the property and the people using it. This includes security, insurance, environmental concerns.
&• Maintenance – work undertaken to retain or restore an item or part of the facility.
&• Budgeting, record keeping and reporting – regularly informing the owner about the condition of the property, occupancy, rentals, collection problems, operating expenses and overall performance of the property.
&• Marketing – public relations, marketing and promotion, publicity and community relations.
&• Manage and co-ordinate all court bookings and ensure promotions are acceptable and adhere to centre rules. Ensure approval obtained from owner, request invoices and follow up on payments before promotions take place.


• 4 – 5 years experience in the retail / property management field.
• Financial skills and legal knowledge of aspects relating to property / commercial law.
• Technical knowledge on systems and services installed in a retail property including health & safety, security, monitoring etc.

Posted on 06 Jun 15:52


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