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Marketing Brand Ambassador

Location:Cape Town and Johannesburg

The search is on for three aspiring marketing stars to represent South Africa’s best bank, Capitec – and it could be you.

The series is looking for motivated problem solvers who can think on their feet, know how to perform as part of a team, as well as how to lead one.

Someone who can organise, plan, negotiate and execute.

So, if you think you’re smart and sussed enough to follow in the footsteps of Capitec ambassadors like Thuso Mbedu and DJ Loyd, and would love to work with a forward thinking marketing team, enter now.

Enter Now!

WhatsApp your video – and your CV – to 062 740 6675.

In short:
  • Using your phone, film a video of yourself talking to camera.
  • Maximum one-minute in duration will be accepted (don’t go over one minute in length)
In the video:
  • Introduce yourself giving your name
  • Tell us where you are from and live currently
  • Share any unique/hidden talents, unusual skills or hobbies (what makes you unique or different)
  • Pitch why you should be Capitec’s next brand ambassador
Send this video by WhatsApp to the number 062 740 6675 at the same time as your CV document (so have both ready to send directly after one another).
Then wait to hear if you get selected as one of the regional finalists.
The deadline for Johannesburg entries is midnight on Monday, 15 July; while the deadline for Durban and Cape Town entries is midnight on Monday, 22 July – so get busy!

Posted on 12 Jul 07:05

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