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Digital Copywriter

Location:Pretoria, Centurion Highveld
Education level:Diploma
Job level:Mid/Senior
Company:Red September

Job description

As a digital copywriter, you'll produce the written content for webpages, SEO, social media, scripts, ect.

Your job will be to engage the reader and motivate them to do something, such as buy a product or service. You may also write copy designed to convey valuable information about a brand, industry or issue.


As a digital copywriter, you'll need to:
  • tailor the content and style of individual writing assignments according to their purpose - whether they are intended to sell or inform
  • understand your target audience - you're not writing for the client, you're writing for their readers, so you'll need to know what interests them
  • identify key messages - understand the main thing that you want the reader to feel and do and how to communicate this powerfully
  • work with creative teams to ensure that the visual elements of the webpage complement the words
  • research your client's industry and their audience
  • identify fresh and interesting angles for your articles
  • write for web pages, blogs and potentially for social media, slogans, and video script
  • edit your own and others' writing
  • work with your team to review the impact of your work
  • assist with business pitches to win new clients or projects, if required
  • Three years of agency experience
  • Certificate, diploma or degree
  • Tech-savvy with the ability to make complex technical matters easy-to-understand even for non-technical people
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to multi-task projects and deliverables
  • Proven experience working under pressure to deliver high quality output in a short span of time
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills



You will need to have:
  • strong listening skills, so that you can understand what the client wants
  • excellent writing ability, including the ability to write in different styles and to other people's direction
  • good research and analytical skills to gain an accurate understanding of the subject in question
  • the organisational ability to manage multiple projects, often to tight deadlines
  • a creative approach, both in coming up with ideas for new projects and for getting a message across innovatively
  • the ability to work independently and flexibly
  • good attention to detail, including the ability to proof-read your own and others' work
  • strong interpersonal skills as you'll be working with a range of clients as well as creative and marketing team members
  • an understanding of digital marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • specific IT skills, such as an understanding of HTML or WordPress.

Posted on 11 Sep 09:48

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