Tom Jackson
Egyptian drone startup Drofie raises funding

Drofie drone
Drofie drone
[Tom Jackson] Egyptian drone startup Drofie has beaten off competition from 865 other applicants to win a place in the Switzerland-based Kickstart Accelerator...

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Andre Rademan
The World's Online Populations

[Andre Rademan] CyberAtlas keeps an updated list of how many people are online in every country with the winners being United States (168m), Germany (26m), Japan (22m). South Africa comes in at 1.5 million users (Nielsen//NetRatings). The percentages of people online indicating the extent of the digital divide are United States (60%), UK (55%), Germany (31%), Italy (19%), France (18%) and South Africa (3.5%).

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Jeremy Daniel
Google, Twitter set up voice-to-tweet service for Egypt

Google, Twitter set up voice-to-tweet service for Egypt[Jeremy Daniel] As the Egyptian government feverishly tries to cut off all contact with the outside world, Google, working in collaboration with Twitter, has set up an innovative service for Egyptians desperate to communicate and stay in touch. It's a service called voice to tweet, and relies on software from a company called SayNow that Google purchased only last week.

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