Gregory Gondwe
MALSWITCH rebrands

MALSWITCH rebrands[Gregory Gondwe] Malawi Switch Center Limited (MALSWITCH) which provides and maintains an infrastructure of electronic payment solutions in Malawi, including the system used by the country mobile phone service providers, has rebranded.

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Gregory Gondwe
Coca-Cola Malawi uses music to launch campaign

Coca-Cola Malawi uses music to launch campaign[Gregory Gondwe] Coca-Cola Malawi on Saturday, 9 Aril 2011, launched its 'Surprise your Senses' sampling campaign with music featuring some of Malawi's top modern music outfits. The launch took place in Blantyre at the Blantyre Sports Club.

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Gregory Gondwe
Zain Malawi to rebrand to Airtel Malawi

Gregory Gondwe[Gregory Gondwe] India's Bharti Airtel on 22 June 2010 formally announced their takeover of Zain Malawi after signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the Malawi government which will in earnest rebrand from Zain Malawi to Airtel Malawi alongside all other Zain operations in Africa in September this year.

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