6 Apr 2020Methodology for Research Designing and Quantitative Data Management Analysis and VisualizationKigali
6 Apr 2020Projects, Programmes and Policies Impact Evaluation Techniques for Evidence-Based DevelopmentKigali
6 Apr 2020Electronic Document/Records Management CourseKigali
6 Apr 2020Flood Disaster Risk Management in a Changing Climate CourseKigali
13 Apr 2020Practical Training on Application of GIS and Remote Sensing in Conservancy and Wildlife ManagementKigali
13 Apr 2020Application of GIS and RS in Planning Developing and Managing Effective Food Security StrategiesKigali
13 Apr 2020Monitoring and Evaluation, Data Management and Analysis in Health Sector ProgrammesKigali
20 Apr 2020Enhanced Analysis, Mapping and Visualisation of Spatial Data using Quantum GIS (QGIS)Kigali
20 Apr 2020Geodatabase Design and Management using QGIS SoftwareKigali
20 Apr 2020Processing and Analysing surveys and Assessments Data using SoftwareKigali
20 Apr 2020Effective Strategy Development for SMEs and Start up VenturesKigali
20 Apr 2020GIS for Monitoring/Evaluation CourseKigali
27 Apr 2020Geographical Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) in Disaster Risk ManagementKigali, Rwanda
27 Apr 2020Monitoring and Evaluation with Data Management and Analysis for Projects and ProgrammesKigali
27 Apr 2020Project Proposal and Report Writing Skill CourseKigali
4 May 2020Qualitative Data Management and Thematic Analysis using NVivoKigali
4 May 2020High Impact Leadership and Strategic Management WorkshopKigali
4 May 2020Monitoring and Evaluation Data Management and Analysis in Water Sanitation and Hygiene Wash ProjectsKigali
11 May 2020Web based GIS and Mapping in Disseminating and Processing of Geographic InformationKigali
11 May 2020Quantitative Data Management Analysis and Visualisation using Microsoft ExcelKigali
11 May 2020Data Management Graphical Visualisation and Statistical Analysis using RKigali
11 May 2020Strategic Thinking Analysis and Planning for Sustained Organisational SuccessKigali
11 May 2020Approaches in Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation of Development Projects and ProgrammesKigali
18 May 2020Specialised Techniques on Analysis of Complex Samples Survey Using StataKigali
18 May 2020Data Collection and Management using Open Data Kit ODKKigali
18 May 2020Effective Risk Management in Organisational ContextKigali
18 May 2020Monitoring and Evaluation of Government Policies Project and ProgrammesKigali
25 May 2020Computerised Mapping and Spatial Analysis using ArcGIS DesktopKigali
25 May 2020Digital Cartography and GIS Mapping using ArcGIS (ArcMap) SoftwareKigali
25 May 2020Data Collection and Management using Census and Survey Processing System CSProKigali
25 May 2020Monitoring and Evaluation in Food Security and Nutrition Projects and ProgrammesKigali
25 May 2020Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation for Projects, Institutions and ProgrammesKigali
15 Jun 2020Effective Monitoring and Evaluation Techniques of Projects and Programmes in Agriculture and Rural DKigali,
22 Jun 2020Policies and Projects Evaluation and Impact Assessment for Informed DecisionsKigali
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