Time–Series Econometrics for the Practitioner

A basic introduction to the concepts of regression (ordinary
least squares estimation) and statistical inference, violations
of the classical linear regression model and the consequences
of these violations, practical ways of detecting (diagnostic
testing) and solving these problems are included in this
course. The aim is to reconcile economic theory with practice,
thereby empowering delegates with analytical skills and a
hands-on approach to decision-making processes.

The Time Series Econometrics for the Practitioner short
course takes place in a computer lab on the main campus of
the University of Pretoria. Delegates use EViews version 10 for
practical applications.

Date: 08 November 2021
Venue: Pretoria
Cost: R11,000

Contact: Client Information Centre
Company name: Enterprises University of Pretoria (Pty) Ltd
Telephone number: +27124342500
Email address az.ca.pu.sesirpretne@ofni

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