Kegels & Karma

On 13 January 2018, sisters Janet Kimmel and Shirley Boerssen will be hosting a women's health and wellness event, Kegels & Karma in Paarl, Cape Town. A first in South Africa, Janet adds, "we want to educate every single woman out there about the power of her body, its capabilities and how to ensure it works at its optimum."

Shirley adds, "you will learn about your body from the inside out by means of specialised exercises, specialists speakers and delicious food, all while learning, connecting and growing with other like-minded women!" The aim of Kegels & Karma is to kick start 2018 with a healthy, balanced, body and mind with a fresh, motivated outlook on the year ahead!

As moms and women who work in the fitness industry, they recognise the need to learn and embrace the changes their bodies and that of their clients go through with every stage of life. Kegels & Karma is an event for all women, no matter what stage or age in life, and focuses on mind, body and soul with an emphasis on creating awareness and opening the conversation around the taboo topic of core and pelvic floor dysfunction that affects over 40% of all women.

Few people actually understand what LPF training is, Janet explains, "LPF is an exercise technique that conditions your entire body from the inside out. Every movement you make starts with your deep core muscles getting together as a team to support you in that movement. LPF teaches you how to align your body, breath and core function so that your deep core can meet the demands of every move you make. It's that simple."

Guests will be treated to a delicious local, and in-season buffet breakfast as well as lunch - complimented with a glass of wine to end off the day.

Kegels & Karma is about learning about your body from the inside out because every body is different.

Your day and ticket will include:
•A walk in the vines
•A buffet breakfast table by local caterer Linda Bruyns Catering
•A core education session with Janet Kimmel, Founder of The Align Method
•A Core Connect/Low Pressure Fitness workshop with Shirley Boerssen, owner of Core Connect and Director of Low Pressure Fitness South Africa
•Lunch Buffet by Linda Bruyns Catering while learning from our Speakers
•An information session on pelvic floor physiotherapy with registered Pelvic floor physiotherapist Annegret Wilsdorf 
•Dr. Pieter Kruger completed a 2 year fellowship in Urogynaecology and Minimally Invasive Surgery at the University of Toronto. He will be sharing his medical expertise in the management of complex urinary, bladder and pelvic floor disorders as well as endoscopic management of benign gynecologic conditions like uterine fibroids and endometriosis.
•Inspirational life coach with Sarah Scholtz, who will be covering the topic of the power of our thinking. Many hormonal, pelvic, stress issues etc. stem from a negative pattern of thinking. She will cover ways and means to overcome these patterns.
•A workshop on "How to green your menstrual cycle" with Rona Mirimi Cutisteanu ?
•Guided Meditation with Anni Newham
•Goodie bags full of fantastic goodies just for you!

Guests are also encouraged to shop at the Local Vendors on the day of the event!

For more information, please contact:

Date: 13 January 2018
Time: 07:00 - 16:00
Venue: XTN Family Farm, Cape Town
Cost: R285 per person

Contact: Shirley Boerssen
Company name: Kegels & Karma
Email address