Tony Dovale, CEO of Life Masters: Revolutionary Workplace 2020 Introduction

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution presses ever deeper into the human element space in the workplace, we must rethink our focus and intentions for business. There is a new consciousness and CLEARx system for optimising people and teams performance - that's potent, profound, proven and practical.

CLEARx is a proven High-Performance Workplace Framework, that enhances Consciousness, Care Compassion, Contribution, Collaboration, and Creativity, and enable people and teams to achieve exponential impacts and results.

It's a simple, practical approach to creating a great place to work where everyone thrives and flourishes in these tough VUCA times.

Presenter: Tony Dovale
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Date: 28 February 2020
Time: 10:00 - 12:30
Venue: Life Masters Lapa Venue - Fourways, Johannesburg
Cost: Free

More info: Seating very limited to 20 people max. Outdoor lapa area.

Contact: Tony Dovale
Telephone number: 0834476300
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