Stakeholders Management Course

Indepth Research Services would like to invite you to take part in our upcoming workshop on Stakeholders Management Course (9th to 13th March, 2020 ) at Indepth Research Services training facilities Nairobi, Kenya.

This exciting and innovative Stakeholder Management training will focus on the practical and theoretical aspects of Influencing, Negotiating and Communicating. The proven skills, techniques and knowledge within this highly practical course will take your ability to manage and engage with stakeholders to the next level of success.

You will learn how to build an ongoing relationship with all types and levels of stakeholders to ensure success in all you do. Also, many advanced skills of communication, negotiation, and engagement. The course is the highly interactive, practical and expert-focus of the content and style of training

At the end of this IRES training seminar, you will learn to:

• Effective influence and the critical approaches to Stakeholder Management
• Proven communication theory to project and program management
• Learn powerful negotiation techniques in a given situation with demanding stakeholders
• Strategies for Stakeholder Engagement
• Leading change through the power of relationships

For any enquiries, feel free to engage us at or contact us on (+254) 715 077 817 or +250 789 621 067
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Indepth Research Services

Stakeholders Management Training: 09 March 2020
Time: 08:00 - 17:00
Venue: Indepth Research Services, Nairobi

Contact: Training Cordinator
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Telephone number: 0715077817
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