Aquaponics and Smart Greenhouse Technology Masterclass 2020

Aquaponics, Hydroponics and Smart Green House technology practical Master class 2020 will be an innovative platform, covering all key aspects of Aquaponics, indoor farming and controlled environment agriculture to participants of all the backgrounds.
In 2050, the earth's population will be 9 billion, 70% of whom will be living in urban areas. This growing urban population will need access to healthy and nutritious food.

It is estimated that we will have to produce double the amount of healthy, nutritious food with half the resources of today. This leaves us with one of today's biggest challenges- food security Technology and innovation will be key to addressing these challenges...

Agricultural Technology is leading developments in the 21st century, but while some industries have acclimated to the advancements others have lagged behind their peers. Aquaponics brings together conventional aquaculture, such as raising fish in tanks, and hydroponics. Popular with commercial, entrepreneurial and government initiatives, it produces more food using less water than traditional agriculture. And it uses just 1% of the land to produce the same amount of protein as a herd of cattle.

Empire training & conferencing, has developed a dynamic platform that provides an opportunity to discuss key issues, trends and discovers various models of Hydroponics and Aquaponics Farming

Recent innovations and technologies...are fundamental to the future of farming...The master class will delve into new research systems, topics most important to being successful in Aquaponics including methods and applications, crop choices and recommendations, water quality, daily operation and growing techniques,

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Attend this exciting two day interactive event and meet some of the most innovative and experienced educators, builders and commercial farms in the industry and explore AgTech, Vermiculture, Aquaponics and Greenhouse Technologies, ultimately strengthening the value chain around Aquaponics as we continue to drive towards meeting the demands of the fourth industrial revolution

Date: 04 March 2020 to 05 March 2020
Time: 08:00 - 17:00
Venue: Irene Dairy Farm, Centurion, RSA, Johannesburg
Cost: R4,999 excluding VAT

Contact: Ryan Jagesar
Company name: Empire Conferencing & Training
Telephone number: 0739469796 or 0118860941
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