Social media masterclass: Community management and customer service

This masterclass provides delegates with a practical toolset for community management, complete with service models, crisis communication protocols and influencer engagement strategies. We show you how to turn community management and customer service into a strategic business imperative.

What will you learn?
+ The principles that underpin the social media landscape
+ Community management - how does it differ from
+ Promotion opportunities on social media platforms
+ Community management dynamics
+ Social media crisis communications

Who should attend?
+ Marketing and branding executives
+ Communication specialists
+ Agency executives
+ Business leaders
+ Community managers
+ Public relations practitioners

Two-day masterclass: 24 July 2019
Time: 09:00 - 16:00
Venue: Cerebra - 7 Federal Avenue, Sandhurst, Johannesburg
Cost: R5,800 excl. VAT

Contact: Khumo Mokgoko
Company name: Cerebra
Telephone number: 0114655709
Email address