Second Bi-Annual Digital Forensics and Cyber Security Conference 2018

This event will offer top strategies on how to secure your online data as well as how you and your organization conduct digital forensics in cases of cyber-attacks in the age of the 4th Industrial Revolution.. Featuring top practitioners as speakers, this event is tailor-made to enlighten, empower and offer a platform for networking and knowledge sharing in the future looking arena of IoT, Cloud and increasing regulation

The Internet of Things has finally arrived, and with it comes many opportunities for growth and revolution as well as it has made it easier to perpetrate crimes by providing criminals an avenue for launching attacks with relative anonymity. The increased complexity of the communication and networking infrastructure is making investigation of cyber-crimes difficult. Clues of illegal activities are often buried in large volumes of data that needs to be sifted through in order to detect crimes and collect evidence.

The field of digital forensics and cybercrime investigation has become very important for law enforcement, national security, and information assurance. This is a multidisciplinary area that encompasses law, computer science, finance, telecommunications, data analytics, and policing. This conference will present the latest developments and thoughts in the field of Cyber Security and Cyber Forensics and will be a unique gathering of cyber Security & Forensics experts. The objective of the conference is to present the challenges, visions and strategies, state-of-the art and perspectives in the area of information and network security, cyber risk management as well as cyber forensics to a wider audience from public (governmental) and private (Banking and ISP's) sector as well as academia.

Key issues at this conference
This year, we have these key issues that we intend to address;
? Cyber Security in the age of Internet of Things
? Big data and digital forensics
? Digital evidence handling and network forensics
? Laws and regulation for the 4th industrial revolution
? The future of IT security
? Cyber Security Threats and Solutions
? Memory Acquisition & Analysis
? Legally Obtaining Data from the Cloud and social media

Who should attend this conference
-Chief Information Officers (CIO),
-Chief Technology Officers (CTO),
-Chief Security Officers (CSO),
-Cyber security professionals,
-Security architects
-Security risk managers,
-Compliance professionals,
-Chief security officers,
-Directors of enterprise security,
-Network security managers,
-IT managers,
-Cyber crime specialists,
-Information security managers,
-Heads: security,
-Cyber security experts,
-Information security directors and managers,
-Telecommunications directors and managers,
-Information system auditors
-Internal auditors,
-Risk managers,
-Physical security directors and managers,
-Corporate attorneys,
-Fraud examiners and investigators,
-Law enforcement high-tech crime investigators,
-Law enforcement agencies planning to
-Start high tech crime units,
-Disaster recovery managers,
-Contingency planners,
-Corporate high tech crime investigators,
-Information security analyst,
-Forensic analysts
-Information system audit advisors,
-Forensics architects,
-Forensics investigators,
-Information security architects.

Date: 11 October 2018 to 12 October 2018
Time: 08:00 - 17:00
Venue: Protea Hotel Balalaika, Sandton, Johannesburg
Cost: R8,499 per delegate excl. VAT

Contact: Herman
Company name: Nduna Project Consulting
Telephone number: +27 11 037 3122
Email address