Annual Insurance Claims Management and Innovation Summit 2019

Disbursing claims is the sole reason for the existence of insurance companies. Yet the industry drags behind, especially in this technological age where everything works instantly, to manage claims and combat fraud without compromising the image of the insurance industry. Claims management is highly delicate, as a wrongly-denied claim can go public and viral.

A high level of standard is particularly important to the success of both large and small companies working within the insurance industry. A simple claims management system may open the floodgates to bogus fraudulent calls. On the other hand, there are strict regulatory pressures to treat your customers fairly. If this is not done properly the issue could be circulated to your current and future prospects, tarnishing the company's reputation. What is critical to note is that as an organisation, in self-interest, the insurance company needs to promote itself to live up to its promise to protect the policyholder even as fraud is on the rise? The answer may not be so simple, and those working in claims will do well not to divert focus away from other, pressing current and future concerns. How do companies accomplish this and how can your company gain a competitive edge over rivals?

This two-day conference will focus on real-life case studies and lessons learned. It will provide an exclusive platform that brings together claims professionals to discuss how to be true to the insurance business in claims management, enhancing operational efficiency in claims processes, latest developments in fraud detection and prevention, as well as refining your organisation's
counter-fraud strategy through practical case studies and presentations from industry.

Date: 30 May 2019 to 31 May 2019
Time: 08:00 - 17:00
Venue: Holiday Inn, Sandton, Johannesburg
Cost: R5,748

Contact: Ryan
Company name: Empire Conferencing & Training
Telephone number: 073 946 9796 or 011 050 7007
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