Destination Branding for 2010

This BrandOvation Keynote Address, presented by international brand leadership expert, Dr Nikolaus Eberl (featured weekly on CNBC and in the Business Day) examines the drivers of brand advocacy in event tourism and what it takes to convert visitors to brand advocates.

The 2006 FIFA World CupTM held in Germany has turned a new chapter in destination branding. Consider this:
* The Number of Visitors expected more than doubled from under one million to over two million within the first three weeks of the Tournament;
* International Tourism went up by 33% year-on-year;
* 88% of Visitors declared they would recommend Germany as a Tourism Destination back home
* Land of Ideas became the most effective Investor Destination Brand Campaign ever;
* Blue Goals became the most effective Host City Destination Brand Campaign conducted;
* Five Months on, the Knut Phenomenon attracted 1 million Visitors to Berlin in 100 Days and the Berlin Zoo Share Price tripled.

Events Tourism has become the highest-yielding and fastest-growing area of Tourism worldwide, and - if properly branded - mega-events give people a reason to visit a destination for the first time. Says Nation branding expert Simon Anholt: "Creativity is what makes the difference between events that play a role in enhancing the destination, and events that create their own market, events that are magnetic and make the place a destination in its own right."

Case studies reviewed include:
- Sydney 2000 Olympics
- 2006 FIFA World Cup
- 2008 UEFA Championships
- Beijing 2008 Olympics

The author of the bestselling book “BrandOvation: How Germany won the World Cup of Nation Branding”, and the sequel “The Hero's Journey: Building a Nation of World Champions”, Dr Nikolaus Eberl holds a PhD from the Free University of Berlin and a Postgraduate Diploma from The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore.

Dr Eberl's research study on Germany's nation branding success story during the 2006 FIFA World Cup was featured extensively by Carte Blanche (viewers' choice, 1 and 5 July 2007), and he is currently engaged in internal branding for the 2010 FIFA World Cup (including 2010 Commentary for the Business Day and CNBC Africa).

Date: 06 March 2010
Venue: BrandOvation Campus, Johannesburg
Cost: R575

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