Neuromarketing Seminar 2018

Understanding how your customers really think!

Understanding your customer's emotional reactions is the first step toward creating experiences that are meaningful, relevant, and successful in connecting with the customer.

Attend the one-day Neuromarketing seminar on 22 November in Cape Town where you will gain insight into how to boost engagement and profitability!

Over the last three years advances in the fields of neuroscience, specifically, neuromarketing, has yielded a host of findings which defy our intuitive understandings of consumer behaviour. If you want useful, practical advice on understanding customers and enhancing the customer experience, want to build a stronger brand, enhance advertising precision or simply need insight as to how behaviour change occurs, this is a seminar for you! Neuromarketing has evolved substantially into a marketing practice that delivers accurate and scientific results.

The intersection of neuroscience applications for marketing makes it possible to cultivate more accurate, personalised marketing strategies for business. At the intersection of economics, neuroscience, consumer behaviour and cognitive psychology, neuromarketing focuses on the emotions in human decision making and uses this information to make marketing efforts more effective. Neuromarketing information is applied in product design, pricing and promotion, store designs and to improve customer experiences as a whole. Based on the rationale that human decision making is not a conscious process but rather an emotional process in which the brain uses short cuts to hasten decision making.

This fascinating science and powerful tool takes us to a world of infinite opportunities, where you can uncover the hidden triggers of consumers purchasing behaviour.

The field of neuromarketing may be a new terrain for a lot of marketers, but here is a great platform that will help you understand the principles and science behind it and how these latest findings can impact your brand and conversion rate.

Why attend?
•Hear the latest thinking of how marketing efficiency can be improved through satisfying the customer's senses, emotions, memory and conscience.
•Gain an understanding of how neuromarketing can make an impact on current marketing activities and future strategies
•Walk away with practical applications of neuromarketing
•Be exposed to the latest technologies and techniques in neuromarketing that can determine customer decision-making processes.
•Be inspired and challenged with fresh thinking, interesting findings and real concepts that you can use immediately to good effect.
•Connect, share and network with other marketers.

Here is a peek at the agenda:
From hunches to hypotheses: The rise of evidence-based design in big business
David Perrott, Director, Gravity Ideas
• Neuromarketing in action: consumer Neuroscience techniques and technologies
Mark Drummond, Director, Neural Sense
• The attention economy: make your brand stand out in a crowd
Dr David Rosenstein, Director, Neural Sense
• The science of emotional buying and what marketers can do about it
John Laurence, Managing Director, HeadSpace Neuromarketing
• Decision making fatigue and Neuromarketing
Neuromarketing Association of SA (NMASA)
• Today's role of Neuromarketing in marketing research
Professor Pierre Joubert, Head: Behavioural and Communication Research Division, Bureau of Market Research (BMR), UNISA

Date: 28 February 2018
Time: 08:30 - 15:30
Venue: Johannesburg

Contact: Debbie Atwell
Company name: KR
Telephone number: +27 83 651 1664
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