Smaller farmer's fields can reduce biodiversity loss and increase wild plants, birds, beetles and bats
Coconut oil production threatens five times more species than palm oil - new findings
New animated film marks International Year of Plant Health 2020
10 ways to stay connected on Biz during lockdown
'Bee-washing' hurts bees and misleads consumers
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Africa's youth want to cultivate careers, not just crops
Insights from Senegal: Involving farmers in research is key to boosting agriculture
Locust invasions are cyclical: African states shouldn't be caught napping
Trees in South Africa are under attack. Why it's proving hard to manage
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Management of intact forestlands by indigenous peoples key to protecting climate
Growing extra trees, shrubs raises smallholders $50/year
Coordinated global action is the best way to control the Fall Armyworm pest
Can African smallholders farm themselves out of poverty?
Europe-banned insecticide 'threatens Africa's food security'
Know your business inside out with a Biz Office
3 steps towards 'glass boxing' your company with a Biz Press Office
The geopolitics of palm oil and deforestation
Would you eat meat grown from cells in a laboratory? Here's how it works

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