A.R. Thomson Group

The A.R. Thomson Group is a regional manufacturer & distributor of gaskets and other fluid containment products. With the rapid growth of oil and gas production, petrochemical, oil refining and pulp and paper industries, our manufacturing facilities expanded to meet increased demand for these products.
Type of company: Industrial Gaskets Manufacturer, Hose and Expansion Joints Manufacturer, Industrial Gaskets Distributor, Mechanical Seals Distributor, Industrial Valves Distributor, Hose and Fittings Distributor
Primary business: Industrial Gaskets Manufacturer, Hose and Expansio
Services: Gasket, Rubber Gasket, Oil Gasket, Canflex Gasket, Mechanical Seals
Contact:Customer Service
Tel:(514) 694-2442
Fax:(514) 694-2445
Web address:http://arthomson.com/
Physical address: 294 Avenue Labrosse, Pointe-Claire, Quebec, H9R 5L8

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