Mantashe bangs the race drum again
The core problem with Mantashe is that he is fundamentally incompetent. He even took it upon himself to market a non existent mineral to an international mining conference in Australia. There is no surprise in the policies that he seeks to promote. It is the logical consequence of his toxic mixture of being intellectually compromised and ideologically misguided.
Posted on 13 Nov 2019 21:53
Mantashe bangs the race drum again
Interesting how no Black writer or journalist would come up with such a headline
Posted on 13 Nov 2019 16:54
Skor Bola
Social media can make or break your tourism business
best service
Posted on 13 Nov 2019 15:00
Arif Sharifudin
Olymp Trade: an easy way to earn money on financial markets for beginners and professionals
I trade with Olymp since last summer. I wouldn’t say it is easy to profit, but it really easy to find out how the platform works and how to buy and sell options there. Success really depends on how you use the information provided at educational videos and webinars, how hard you work on your personal trading style. It took me 2 month to start profiting at Olymp and I’m grateful for all the lessons and personal manager support. They helped a lot!
Posted on 13 Nov 2019 14:07
larry brin
larry brin
3 ways a Biz Office can "hothouse" company culture
nice post
Posted on 13 Nov 2019 13:45
Beloved founder of City Lodge Hotel Group dies
We have lost one of the true innovators and complete gentleman of the tourism industry. Hans was also one magical client for the years that I handled the City Lodge account at the advertising agency that was then called Hunt Lascaris TBWA. Rest In Peace. Our thoughts are with his family.
Posted on 12 Nov 2019 22:10
Ronald Kiddman
Ronald Kiddman
Part 3: One Dentsu - Ideas-led
It`s very nice)
Posted on 12 Nov 2019 21:10
Warren Fabricius
Warren Fabricius
Driving the fintech and regulation success story
Insightful and timely topic Lee. I think there is a tendency for fintech startups (and even some of the more "established" companies) to avoid, as much as possible, the regulatory bodies. While this may well be where the wheels are ultimately greased, it takes great vision, effort, mental fortitude and patience to start a journey with regulatory bodies in the hopes of achieving a positive and sustainable business outcome for both parties. I feel that these mature traits are, at times, missing from the pool of talent within (fintech) startups. One only has to look at the Insurance industry to understand the opportunities that abound, and the (often times) handbrake that is the regulatory body/ies.Creating an environment that supports idea sharing and encourages dialogue with dedicated outcomes is key to moving these industries forward.
Posted on 12 Nov 2019 17:00
Binary option trading - 2016 style
After I invested hundreds of thousands of Euros… two binary option brokers tried to pull a fast one and put a bag over my eyes claiming that my investments had been lost on bad trades. Luckily for me, earlier in the year, i saw an interview about how a woman who had been scammed four different times by binary options and was only happy to share her story because she had got it back. I checked the company out, on google and they seemed to be good at what they do, i tried them out and i have been able to recover my funds. You can contact hacktools at tutanota dot com, they help victims of fake investment.
Posted on 12 Nov 2019 13:05
Decision to waiver unabridged birth certificate welcomed
Its just a pity that you need an unabridged birth certificate to leave South Africa to travel abroad. And that the hand written one that I got when my son was born 15 years ago is not acceptable. Nowhere on the home affairs website does it mention this.
Posted on 12 Nov 2019 09:08
clearpath infotech
clearpath infotech
Global study reveals CEO confidence is sinking
Hospital Management Website the executives have enormously changed throughout the most recent decades. Business ability, present-day advancements, associated gadgets, portable applications, and information of social insurance is key components for the execution of the emergency clinic the executives' framework venture.
Posted on 11 Nov 2019 12:39
IT Search
The 6 pillars of killer content creation
Perfect!This information is indeed useful for website design company like us.Thank you!
Posted on 11 Nov 2019 12:23
eLearning Africa Report 2019 reveals failure to meet education targets
Africa is far behind in a number of issues that altogether negatively affect education. Poverty particularly cripples proper learning. Nonetheless, societies are making progress in regards to eLearning. A small informal follow up by Professional Writing Bay revealed that a significant number of colleges in Africa are now offering online courses. Further, as society embraces technology in schools (a case of Kenya) and production of technological gadgets (a case of Rwanda), eLearning will only improve over time. Regards.
Posted on 11 Nov 2019 10:14
3 basic checks to avoid a defaulting tenant
Seriously? Is this for residential property? If so the comments about inspections are ridiculous.
Posted on 9 Nov 2019 21:19
Unsolicited influencer posts: Ensure perfect brand alignment
Posted on 8 Nov 2019 15:53
Unsolicited influencer posts: Ensure perfect brand alignment
I am confused. Unsolicited posts mean that these influencers weren't asked to do this. How are brands going to contact and send every nano+ influencer posting about their brand with no promoting to an 'academy'?
Posted on 8 Nov 2019 15:05
Three journalists beaten by Sierra Leone presidential bodyguards
This is a horrific story, but the image of SL police from 2018 really has no relevance.
Posted on 8 Nov 2019 14:53
East Coast Gold: Bringing back the golden oldies
We don't need more of the awful ECR. Bring back Capital Radio please
Posted on 7 Nov 2019 12:00
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