FSCA takes first steps in the regulation of crypto assets
I don't understand why crypto wallets do not have to be FICA's if currency is bought with Rands, norwhy cypto account service providers do not have to have FAIS licences, like Unit Trusts?They should fall under existing legislation already.
Posted on 4 Mar 2021 11:27
Treasury's decision to cancel S12J investments - throwing the baby out with the bathwater
S12J investors should have been more willing to put their money into new ventures with a slightly higher risk. As a consultant to startups, I encountered too many S12J Funds who considered new ventures too risky without even investigating properly. It was far too easy to go for the tried and tested property schemes - oops, sorry Covid burst that bubble, but sad as it is to lose the incentive the S12J funds have only themselves to blame.
Posted on 4 Mar 2021 11:11
How to compete in the trust and attention economy with a budget-friendly data and automation strategy
I read this article! I hope you will continue to have such articles to share with everyone! thank you!
Posted on 1 Mar 2021 11:10
liam beattie
liam beattie
Superunion Africa wins 2020 Architecture, Construction and Design Award
This project was manufactured almost entirely by Cape Customs. Without them it would never have been produced to such a world class level. They deserve mention and proper recognition here in this article.
Posted on 26 Feb 2021 13:42
Cape Town Philharmonic Brass Quintet to hold free pop-up concert at St Georges Mall
Welcome back! Im definitely there today!
Posted on 25 Feb 2021 06:53
8 savvy ways to cut costs in a small business
Who is the author of the article? I'd like to request an interview with the individual
Posted on 24 Feb 2021 09:26
Dual pricing implemented for non-South African, South African residents at Kirstenbosch Garden
The absolute idiocy of this move! This should make everybody in tourism in South Africa rise up in revolt. Double pricing is a tourist trap rip-off. People come to SA partly because they see it as a value-for-money destination. This move will end THAT perception.Also, any brand reputation person will tell you it's very bad to tell international guests that they're so much trouble they need to pay more than locals.Time to change the name of South Africa to Shoot-Ourselves-In-The-Foot Africa
Posted on 23 Feb 2021 15:26
Questions surrounding the Covid-19 Ters scheme extension
I am concerned as a Debt Collector, as i've been impacted since the lockdown March 2020. Everyone always talks about certain sectors but never about the Debt Collectors. Our income has also dropped by almost 75% and we are at continued risk to do our jobs. Most debtors who we have to collect debt from are also impacted, either by being now unemployed, short time etc....So what now about us..
Posted on 23 Feb 2021 14:20
Questions surrounding the Covid-19 Ters scheme extension
what about the Debt Collectors who are impacted.
Posted on 23 Feb 2021 14:09
The pandemic of the missing middle
(Heart) BREAKING NEWS – RELEASED BY STATS SA AT 11:30AM TODAY - updated statistics quoted in the articleIn Stats SA’s December 2020 Quarterly Labour Force Survey (Quarter 4: 2020) released on 23 February 2021, it reported that South Africa boasts 10.3 (10.3)* million unemployed young people aged 15 - 24 years, of which 29.8% (31.9%) were not in employment, education, or training (NEET). If one expands the age bracket to young persons aged 15 - 34 years, a staggering 41.8% (43%) of those youths are NEET, with female youths being the worst affected at a heart-breaking 45.4% (46.1%). Unfortunately, with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, one can only assume these numbers will get worse before they get better.With overall unemployment for the same period at 32.5% (30.8%), compared to graduate unemployment at 8.4% (8.9%), there is a clear need to create more graduates who are work-place ready, can advance in the job market and contribute economically.* Quarter 3: 2020 figures in brackets
Posted on 23 Feb 2021 11:43
How The Appliance Bank is helping support the unemployed through entrepreneurship
How to apply to this massive opportunity?
Posted on 23 Feb 2021 10:39
Massmart plans further store closures, flags wider net loss this year
I don't understand how Massmart keeps running losses. They have monopolised the wholesale market, their prices are no longer different from any average supermarket. Makro stores are always full and they only closed briefly during level 5 lockdown.
Posted on 22 Feb 2021 15:39
Massmart plans further store closures, flags wider net loss this year
Maybe you should find partner in Ethiopia Which our company will be very much interested
Posted on 22 Feb 2021 14:54
Eamon McLoughlin
Ghanaians are eating more fast food: the who and the why
Ticking time bomb....
Posted on 12 Feb 2021 10:21
Sowing the seeds of industrial farming in Mozambique
This is a terrifying trajectory in the face of the Global Climate Crisis and the critical need for regenerative agriculture and agro-ecological food production systems. If what is proposed in this article comes to pass (Lord I hope not), the only real result for future generations would be a barren landscape of monoculture and the ultimate loss of one of the highest levels of biodiversity in the SADC.All the economic growth proposed in this article can be achieved through regenerative agriculture and agro-ecological practises and would furthermore increase Mozambique's resilience to natural disasters. Appropriate application of technologies and access to infrastructure would be critical of course. However, the idea that the country can flourish sustainably, through its own development and application of chemical fertilizers suggests that the resounding agreement across the scientific literature has been utterly ignored.
Posted on 10 Feb 2021 13:02
Musica is shutting down
The thought of musica closing down hurt me deeply cause i used to do all my music shopping there, knowing i can a full hour to listen to music before i buy. Let's hope the remaining 59 outlets may survive the chop.
Posted on 10 Feb 2021 12:56
5 hacks to winning advertising pitches
really insightful - thank you David
Posted on 10 Feb 2021 11:26
BMS link
BMS link
5 reasons why a B2B e-commerce solution is fundamental
After covid, all business implied new technology in their business like taking their business online and using ERP Software. Factory direct blinds, being the trustworthy window treatment business offering high-quality shades, shutters, and blind options, should consider implementing business management tools like BMSLink blinds quote software, which is the most flexible and easiest to use software solution for window blinds, shades, and shutters businesses to manage their sales processes effectively.
Posted on 9 Feb 2021 11:39
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