Tanja Rebel
Remembering a sustainability pioneer: Tom McLaughlin
Tom only lived on the Isle of Wight for a year, but he managed to make a mark. Tom helped Transition Island launch their Incredible Edibles Project and was in discussion with the Council about improvements to their Food Waste Management. We in Transition Island will do our utmost to continue Tom's good work. Tom also quickly became a good friend and was very much iked by all of us. We will remember him for ever.
Posted on 8 Jun 2019 14:35
Noi That Vien Dong
Noi That Vien Dong
#EntrepreneurMonth: Forget the naysayers, run your own race
Thanks, this is a great article
Posted on 7 Jun 2019 18:37
Could Cape Town see its green waste drop-off sites closed?
Sadly the saga refered to in article in 2018 is still not over. Currently City drop-offs are a mess to say the least. Waste is piling up and at some sites contractors have not delivered a service for over a month. The City refuses to take action on non-performance, Department of Environment and City law enforcement refuse to take action. Fire department has warned Solid Waste of fire risks. City staff on these sites are "not allowed to talk about this".
Posted on 7 Jun 2019 11:19
Olymp Trade
Olymp Trade
Olymp Trade: an easy way to earn money on financial markets for beginners and professionals
Hello, Baako Udo!We are grateful for the detailed review! Thank you for pointing out how useful our webinars for you. Its pleases us and motivates to become even better for our traders!Best regards, Olymp Trade team.
Posted on 6 Jun 2019 14:56
Fanie Brink
Fanie Brink
SA's economy is a casualty of US trade wars
No the economy is a casualty of the ANC!!
Posted on 6 Jun 2019 13:43
Laskar4d Official
Laskar4d Official
Bizcommunity sends a clear message that Africa is open for business
I am very interested in this article, in my opinion this is very useful, like my site Agen Togel Online Laskar4d visit too bruhh. Thanks
Posted on 6 Jun 2019 01:20
Savanna breaks the rules with its world-first non-alcoholic cider
A world first? Savanna's first or the first that ever was? Think Scandanvian, non alcoholic cider makers might disagree.
Posted on 5 Jun 2019 15:45
Remembering a sustainability pioneer: Tom McLaughlin
Met Tom during my years at Woolies. Such an incredible human. I will never forget his warmth and true passion for what he did. I am so incredibly saddened by his passing. The world has lost a truly humble gentleman ?? and a passionate advocate for the environment. RIP Tom ??
Posted on 5 Jun 2019 13:38
Baako Udo
Olymp Trade: an easy way to earn money on financial markets for beginners and professionals
As for training, I'd also like to mention Olymp Trade webinars which are held almost every day completely for free. In my opinion, such type of training is way more efficient than if you're simply cramming articles about strategies or watching videos. Of course, in both cases you can continue practising with a free demo-account. But the point is, at webinars you can ask a speaker or more experienced traders directly whatever is unclear to you, and that really makes difference. When I joined Olymp Trade, I already knew the basics of trading in financial markets, so I just attended a couple of webinars. Still, that's a great opportunity for the newbies to acquire the basic knowledge they need!
Posted on 5 Jun 2019 13:29
Bogosi Motshegwa
Bogosi Motshegwa
How I applied for a job that didn't exist
Thank you for reading. Indeed. Be you! All the best with your career.
Posted on 5 Jun 2019 13:07
Lisa Edwards
This is what a successful PR campaign looks like
While it does sound like your campaign was successful, the placement of advertorials is not a true measure of public relations. True PR is earned and thereby picks up the credibility of a piece written by the journalist themselves.
Posted on 4 Jun 2019 19:09
Retha Prinsloo
The Fourth Industrial Revolution in retail and the low-income consumer
Definite food for thought. For example, it would be great if Zandile could pre-order items to pick up when she gets off at the taxi rank close to her home, or if her mother could pick it up from a central deport in the area, etc.
Posted on 3 Jun 2019 14:48
We tested baby food sugar levels in South Africa. This is what we found
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Posted on 3 Jun 2019 11:10
South Africans, say goodbye to Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin-Robbins
I don't know if it's just my opinion,but I didn't like the Donuts,something about the icing and pastry just seemed lacking in quality. I expected more from an international brand,but found that local stores seem to make better Donuts.
Posted on 2 Jun 2019 03:20
5 reasons why a trip through Africa on the romantic Rovos Rail should be on your bucket list
Very informative article Ruth, however your sentiment "This is Africa so things do not always go to plan," seems as dated as the facade of the train. A more forward thinking statement would read, "As in life things do not always go to plan," unless you believe things not going to plan is unique to Africa. In that case you might also want to state the following, "I am ignorant."
Posted on 31 May 2019 16:31
TCI Apparel unveils sustainable design centre
Has anyone done a follow up to see if all of this was actually implemented?
Posted on 31 May 2019 10:27
#AfricaMonth: The rise of Afrocentrism and its impact on the luxury business
Love this article, thank you
Posted on 31 May 2019 08:48
Lebogang Ditshwene
Lebogang Ditshwene
New editor-in-chief for Daily Sun and Sunday Sun
Congratulations Mapula! Well done Ausi!
Posted on 30 May 2019 14:21
Charmaine Hardcastle
South African marketing in 2019: 5 things you need to know
Great article Jenare, Well Done!
Posted on 30 May 2019 08:47
Plastic warms the planet twice as much as aviation - here's how to make it climate-friendly
The energy required to produce the material, manufacture the products and transport it will still be there. Most bioplastics are manufactured at lower output rates and more energy would be required. They are also heavier and will cost more to transport.We are using a lot of plastic but it also saved a lot of metal, wood, paper and glass which would have all been more energy intensive to produce, transport and manufactured.Fact is, we are too many people and naturally occurring materials can no longer sustain our lifestyles.
Posted on 28 May 2019 18:59
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