[Cannes Lions] Twitter mania
Gisèle Wertheim Aymés[Gisèle Wertheim Aymés] Well, I'm back in Cannes. One year later and ready to learn some more. Just arrived and went straight to a session with one of Twitter's founders, Biz Stone (@biz). The Debussy Hall was packed wall-to-wall and floor-to-floor and the place was tweeting so much I was sure at one point I felt the room vibrating.

[23 Jun 2009 10:20]

[Cannes Lions] Slave or not?
Gisèle Wertheim Aymés[Gisèle Wertheim Aymés] I was sad to leave Cannes yesterday, Thursday, 25 June 2009, because each year for a few days in my hectic life schedule I get to sit and listen and marvel at the amazing innovation that is shaping our advertising, media and communications.

[26 Jun 2009 12:20]

Networking blues
Marion Scher[Marion Scher] When quite a while back, former Bizcommunity.com editor and friend Louise Marsland said I HAD to join Facebook – be in or be out – I jumped to attention and immediately signed up. My 21-year-old son’s reaction was “Ma, you joined Facebook – that’s so lame...” That, of course, made me feel much better about my choice.

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Being a celeb doesn’t mean you can break the rules
Marion Scher[Marion Scher] If you mention the name Lance Armstrong this week in South Africa, you’ll be met with mixed reactions. Talk shows are talking and twitterers tweeting. It all started when Armstrong arrived in Cape Town with a full passport – a no-no for admittance to any country in the world. You need at least two blank pages for stamping and you’d think Armstrong, being a world traveller, would know that.

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