Networking blues
Marion Scher[Marion Scher] When quite a while back, former editor and friend Louise Marsland said I HAD to join Facebook – be in or be out – I jumped to attention and immediately signed up. My 21-year-old son’s reaction was “Ma, you joined Facebook – that’s so lame...” That, of course, made me feel much better about my choice.

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[AdForum Worldwide Summit] Day one
Johanna McDowell[Johanna McDowell] I’m currently at the AdForum Worldwide Summit Fall 2009 and, apart from being in New York, which is in itself so exciting as a city, the meetings with the various agencies and industry gurus are stimulating and thought-provoking.

[06 Oct 2009 11:08]

[AdForum Worldwide Summit] Day four
Johanna McDowell[Johanna McDowell] Production “de coupling” has been mentioned often as a definite trend among clients. I am not sure how pervasive the practice is in South Africa but it is very prevalent in other parts of the world such as US and UK and Australia.

[12 Oct 2009 11:41]

[AdForum Worldwide Summit] Day five
Johanna McDowell[Johanna McDowell] Sir Martin Sorrell of WPP and David Jones of Havas Group (EuroRSCG) were the star performers on day five. They were both excellent – gave us completely different viewpoints on how they think the economy is going to be in 2010. Can only happen in advertising.

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