[Cannes Lions] God, flowers and collaboration
Gisèle Wertheim Aymés[Gisèle Wertheim Aymés] Yesterday, Tuesday, 23 June 2009, confirmed that collaboration is key to communication success. Current market conditions and the growing influence of social media and participatory culture requires all of us – agencies, marketers, media houses/owners and the rest – to humble down and collaborate. Clients are also going to have to take the lead and look at new models of remuneration to encourage and reward a more collaborative approach to their business.

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[Cannes Lions] Slave or not?
Gisèle Wertheim Aymés[Gisèle Wertheim Aymés] I was sad to leave Cannes yesterday, Thursday, 25 June 2009, because each year for a few days in my hectic life schedule I get to sit and listen and marvel at the amazing innovation that is shaping our advertising, media and communications.

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Recession: bringing out the worst
Louise Marsland[Louise Marsland] Did you hear the one about the agency that wouldn’t get out of bed for less than a R10 million account and is now offering services pro bono for up to a year in an attempt to steal clients from smaller agencies?

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[Cannes Lions judges] Where to start - the entries, the work, or the place?
Cannes Lions Judges Blog[Cannes Lions Judges Blog] Janet Kinghorn: Cannes itself has not changed since I was here last in 1999. Men and women still wander up and down Le Croisette in white linen suits and fancy dresses. But the difference this time is that design is really starting to become a big player here.

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