From Zero to Herero
Terry Levin[Terry Levin] Recently returned from marketing research trip to northern Namibia with client NEO Paints, visiting Oshikati, Otjivarongo, Oshikango - guess you haven't heard those names since we sent our boets off to deactivate landmines in the '80s... "You can't do any marketing," my Windhoek-based client told me, "until you have seen the north."And how right he was.

[10 Mar 2009 11:49]

[Loeries] Camps Bay to be Cannes'd
Terry Levin[Terry Levin] The activities kick off on Heritage Day with a Mayoral Welcome for the VIEs [Very Inflated Egos] at 5.30pm, the customary Industry Battle of the bands at 7.30pm and the 10.30pm Chairman's Party with none other than DJ and chairman of the Loerie Awards, Festus Masekwameng in the mix. The catch is this - with two nights of parties to go, you don't want to overdo it at this one. Yeah right.

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Terry Levin[Terry Levin] Some of you may recall having seen Tyler Brulee, the uber-Euro designer and media mogul via satellite at the Design Indaba in 2004. At the time, we as the custodians of the Bizcommunity brand were inspired to shift our brand a little north of centre, imbuing our 100% homegrown values with a bit of Swiss panache.

[27 Aug 2009 11:14]

Zakitumi, baby!
Terry Levin[Terry Levin] Thought you might want to share a few marketing lessons that I picked up from the Cape Times, when I went online to renew our subscription this week. What is a rather fab stroke of genius is the launch of the Zakumi cartoon exclusively on the web at IOL, by the Madam & Eve outfit – Stephen Francis and Rico. “The Adventures of Zakumi” is just the kind of saleable, added value, engagement thing we need.

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Here's what you might need...
Terry Levin[Terry Levin] Dwaaled around the Internet for a bit on Friday, 9 October 2009, and not a moment too soon to find an entry put up that very morning about the launch of the Silicone Cape initiative on Thursday 8 October, at which Dr Mamphele Ramphele in her capacity Chair of the Technology Innovation Agency apparently got a standing ovation...

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The digital divide
Terry Levin[Terry Levin] The digital divide cuts to the heart of what separates traditional advertising practitioners from the new digerati. Nowhere can this knowledge divide be more obvious than in the advertising and media industry. But that could all soon be a thing of the past.

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Dis' content
Terry Levin[Terry Levin] Do you remember how just a few years ago we were worried about the effects of info overload due to the Internet? Since then we have unwittingly been invaded by the virtually infinite number of platforms that enable us to access everyone's breakfast habits, cute pets and other permutations of the self-expressed 24/7. How stupid are we?

[01 Dec 2009 12:16]

Festive cheers!
Terry Levin[Terry Levin] In pursuit of inspiration about what to do about the annual festive deadline/card/mailing/donation quandry, I decided to see what they're up to in Japan - one of the bastions of global design, typography, food etc. I thought. So next I tried Googling "all natural enlightened treehugging festive season" instead, which yielded much more inspiring results.

[07 Dec 2009 10:55]

[Design Indaba conf] Designing for change in the public realm
Terry Levin[Terry Levin] Zeitgeist from Design Indaba 2010 Day 1: Is it my imagination or is this the pivotal year, when Design Indaba content and case studies seem more attainable, not only for designing fun and games, but for the much needed shifts towards designing for education, designing for wellbeing, designing for the most number of people most effectively, designing new possibilities and new social responsibilities, and even designing new life forms? [view twitterfall]

[25 Feb 2010 11:13]

[Design Indaba conf] Overview of day two
Terry Levin[Terry Levin] “From owning to sharing, from stuff to experience,” was the phrase coined by Bruce Nussbaum, opening speaker of the second day of the 2010 Allstars Design Indaba currently on the Cape Town International Convention Centre. The quest for the new lifestyle models that design thinking can bring continues... [view twitterfall]

[26 Feb 2010 11:38]

[Design Indaba conf] Martha Stewart: what went wrong?
Terry Levin[Terry Levin] Sitting in my customary Design Indaba position a few rows from the front, I was not aware of the fact that people were walking out of Martha Stewart’s Design Indaba 2010 presentation on Friday, 26 February 2010. I became aware of people beginning to laugh at inappropriate [ie not meant to be funny] moments, especially the lady sitting next to me, but hoped the minor embarrassment for all concerned would soon be over. [view twitterfall]

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[Design Indaba conf] Overview of day three
Terry Levin[Terry Levin] The last day of the 2010 Design Indaba conference, Friday, 26 February 2010, turned out to be one of highs and lows, which saw standing ovations for three acts, a mass walk out for one and a medical emergency which briefly halted proceedings. The day also saw the tipping the gender scales, with an eclectic lineup of women – well-known Dutch trend forecaster Li Edelkoort, product designer Christien Meindertsma, Chinese fashion designer Han Feng and American entrepreneur Martha Stewart... [view twitterfall]

[01 Mar 2010 12:54]

Socialist email
Terry Levin[Terry Levin] No more beating around the bush: in 2010, we are going to beat the bush itself to a bark chip, maybe even a pulp. In this, the run up to the 2010 Loeries awards, it's just a hop, step and a very long jump to 1-3 October, so I guess we'd better all get in training.

[23 Mar 2010 13:43]

Socialist media continued: Habari 2010 – Oh, the places you’ll go!
Terry Levin[Terry Levin] This post is in answer to a tweet from @h0bbel, aka Christian Mohn, from Bergen, Norway> ... who asked: “Are there any well hidden #Habari themes somewhere, that I might have missed? Im soooo out of the loop...”

[15 Apr 2010 11:18]

What's up with Digital Loeries this year
Sue Disler[Sue Disler] It’s not often you see Capetonians out on a rainy and blustery evening, but some of the digitally inclined made it to the 2010 Loeries Digital Awards get-together for the inside scoop at The Grand Daddy Hotel last week. Here’s a report back from Terry Levin and me.

[10 May 2010 11:51]

The f-word in marketing
Terry Levin[Terry Levin] Thanks to the Habari Media Facebook Connects event held in Cape Town [on U2 Friday, 18 February 2011], those who attended should now theoretically know everything there is to know about writing a Facebook strategy!

[21 Feb 2011 11:53]

Overview of #dayone of DIXIV (Design Indaba XIV)
Terry Levin[Terry Levin] The last week of February has become synonymous on the global calendar as being the time when the world’s design evangelists foregather at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC), for the conference known internationally as Design Indaba. Lessons, many, various and thematic were presented yesterday, Wednesday, 23 February 2011, by both the established legends of the design world and those in the making. [view twitterfall]

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Overview of #daytwo of DIXIV: a ‘chair’ kind of day
Terry Levin[Terry Levin] If you’ve ever attended Design Indaba before, you’ll know what I mean when I say that yesterday, Thursday, 24 February 2011, was a ‘chair’ kind of day. You can learn the history of the world from its chairs, but there was also a whole lot more going down, at this, the second leg of the XIVth annual Design Indaba. [view twitterfall]

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