[AdForum Worldwide Summit] Day one
Johanna McDowell[Johanna McDowell] I’m currently at the AdForum Worldwide Summit Fall 2009 and, apart from being in New York, which is in itself so exciting as a city, the meetings with the various agencies and industry gurus are stimulating and thought-provoking.

[06 Oct 2009 11:08]

[AdForum Worldwide Summit] Day two
Johanna McDowell[Johanna McDowell] We left the hotel on our bus - all 25 of us - at 7.15am on Tuesday, visited three agencies, had speed dating with three others, drinks, dinner at one of New York City's best and most famous restaurants, Daniel, and returned to our hotel at about 10.30pm! This work takes stamina.

[08 Oct 2009 11:08]

[AdForum Worldwide Summit] Day three
Johanna McDowell[Johanna McDowell] We met with seven agencies on Wednesday and had a meeting with some top procurement people here in the US. The first five agencies were all part of Omnicom - the DAS group of agencies. The focus was on the Healthcare agencies and it was really interesting - particularly as despite the recession healthcare ad revenues were up by more than 7% while other sector revenues have seen declines.

[08 Oct 2009 11:17]

[AdForum Worldwide Summit] Day four
Johanna McDowell[Johanna McDowell] Production “de coupling” has been mentioned often as a definite trend among clients. I am not sure how pervasive the practice is in South Africa but it is very prevalent in other parts of the world such as US and UK and Australia.

[12 Oct 2009 11:41]

[AdForum Worldwide Summit] Day five
Johanna McDowell[Johanna McDowell] Sir Martin Sorrell of WPP and David Jones of Havas Group (EuroRSCG) were the star performers on day five. They were both excellent – gave us completely different viewpoints on how they think the economy is going to be in 2010. Can only happen in advertising.

[12 Oct 2009 11:51]