[AdForum Worldwide Summit] Day one
Johanna McDowell[Johanna McDowell] I’m currently at the AdForum Worldwide Summit Fall 2009 and, apart from being in New York, which is in itself so exciting as a city, the meetings with the various agencies and industry gurus are stimulating and thought-provoking.

[06 Oct 2009 11:08]

[AdForum Worldwide Summit] Day two
Johanna McDowell[Johanna McDowell] We left the hotel on our bus - all 25 of us - at 7.15am on Tuesday, visited three agencies, had speed dating with three others, drinks, dinner at one of New York City's best and most famous restaurants, Daniel, and returned to our hotel at about 10.30pm! This work takes stamina.

[08 Oct 2009 11:08]

[AdForum Worldwide Summit] Day three
Johanna McDowell[Johanna McDowell] We met with seven agencies on Wednesday and had a meeting with some top procurement people here in the US. The first five agencies were all part of Omnicom - the DAS group of agencies. The focus was on the Healthcare agencies and it was really interesting - particularly as despite the recession healthcare ad revenues were up by more than 7% while other sector revenues have seen declines.

[08 Oct 2009 11:17]

[AdForum Worldwide Summit] Day four
Johanna McDowell[Johanna McDowell] Production “de coupling” has been mentioned often as a definite trend among clients. I am not sure how pervasive the practice is in South Africa but it is very prevalent in other parts of the world such as US and UK and Australia.

[12 Oct 2009 11:41]

[AdForum Worldwide Summit] Day five
Johanna McDowell[Johanna McDowell] Sir Martin Sorrell of WPP and David Jones of Havas Group (EuroRSCG) were the star performers on day five. They were both excellent – gave us completely different viewpoints on how they think the economy is going to be in 2010. Can only happen in advertising.

[12 Oct 2009 11:51]

[AdForum Worldwide Summit] Scandinavia, 19-21 May 2010
Johanna McDowell[Johanna McDowell] IAS will be part of a group of 26 international intermediaries – mainly from Europe – meeting in Copenhagen for the next three days for the AdForum Worldwide Summit Scandinavia. It promises to be “three days of hectic” while we meet 15 major advertising and media agencies during a series of meetings in places that I cannot pronounce but which sound fascinating.

[18 May 2010 14:21]

[AdForum Worldwide Summit] A short note on Wednesday
Johanna McDowell[Johanna McDowell] IAS in Copenhagen – arrived Wednesday morning, 19 May 2010, and the sun has come out here for the first time in months. The Danes are in their short sleeves and on their bicycles. Temperature about 16 degrees.

[19 May 2010 16:40]

[AdForum Worldwide Summit] A wonderful Wednesday evening
Johanna McDowell[Johanna McDowell] COPENHAGEN: Just back from a wonderful dinner hosted by Grey CEO of EMEA – David Patton – plus all of his CEOs from rest of Europe – sadly no one from South Africa. David is very keen to build South Africa and rest of Africa operation and intends to spend more time in the country in due course.

[20 May 2010 10:27]

[AdForum Worldwide Summit] The Thursday blur
Johanna McDowell[Johanna McDowell] COPENHAGEN: Seven agencies in one day – and we have to evaluate each one each time otherwise we forget and everything starts to blur into one. These summits are a great test of endurance for the consultants and impact for the agencies.

[21 May 2010 10:38]

[AdForum Worldwide Summit] Frantic Friday
Johanna McDowell[Johanna McDowell] Sweden in 10 minutes – that’s how far Malmo is from Copenhagen. By train at 8am to Malmo and the Turning Torso building –an extraordinary feat of architecture and the highest building in Scandinavia. One of our hosts briefed us on the advertising world in the Nordics (Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark) and the increasing role of intermediaries.

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[AdForum Worldwide Summit] It’s AdForum time again, this time in London
Johanna McDowell[Johanna McDowell] The AdForum Worldwide Summit takes place in London next week, 13-15 April 2011, and once again, I’ll be there, blogging here on Bizcommunity.com and tweeting as @jomcdowell. Here’s an update on the programme for next week.

[08 Apr 2011 11:57]

[AdForum Worldwide Summit] Seven hours of digital rebooting
Johanna McDowell[Johanna McDowell] LONDON: RG/A – probably the world’s leading digitally integrated agency – is taking on the mammoth task of rebooting 30 intermediaries/pitch consultants on Wednesday, 13 April 2011, as it kicks off the 2011 AdForum Summit in London.

[13 Apr 2011 11:29]

[AdForum Worldwide Summit] Day one in London
Johanna McDowell[Johanna McDowell] LONDON: Yesterday, Wednesday, 13 April 2011 saw R/GA update us all through its special seven hours of digital integration, where we learned about what has happened in the last 15 or so years as analogue has transformed into the new digital age.

[14 Apr 2011 10:22]

[AdForum Worldwide Summit] Day two in London
Johanna McDowell[Johanna McDowell] LONDON: Thursday, 14 April 2011, was a mixed day of traditional, digital and social media agencies, plus some in-depth discussion on the role of consultants/intermediaries, code of conduct etc. Six pitching principles have been established and agreed in the UK by the various key organisations and these will be adopted across most markets it is expected.

[15 Apr 2011 13:18]

[AdForum Worldwide Summit] Whom we’re meeting in NYC next week
Johanna McDowell[Johanna McDowell] IAS will be heading off to New York City at the end of this week for a week of agency visits, the latest trends in the world of marketing communications, and meetings with other consultants from all around the globe – 14 countries represented and 34 consultants at the last count. It promises to be a packed week of stimulating discussion and news and IAS will be blogging each day’s events as they happen here on Bizcommunity.com.

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[AdForum Worldwide Summit] Arrival in NYC
Johanna McDowell[Johanna McDowell] NEW YORK: I arrived in New York City on Saturday, 8 October 2011, which has given me a chance to recover from a 16-hour flight and take in NYC before we embark on day one of the AdForm World Summit.

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[AdForum Worldwide Summit] Day one in NYC
Johanna McDowell[Johanna McDowell] NEW YORK: Monday, 10 October 2011: a mixed day of new, reinvented and old-style agencies. A great start to the week, although we did not pace ourselves, thanks to the spectacular dinner organised by JWT.

[11 Oct 2011 13:16]

[AdForum Worldwide Summit] Day two in NYC
Johanna McDowell[Johanna McDowell] NEW YORK: Five agencies, one workshop and an update on mobile marketing made day two, Tuesday, 11 October 2011, a hectic one this week. A Highlight was Johannes Leonardo, a conceptual agency - new style and intriguing, and the first start-up ever to be backed by the legendary Sir Martin Sorrell. I’m delighted that the one partner, Jan Jacobs, is a South African.

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[AdForum Worldwide Summit] Day three in NYC
Johanna McDowell[Johanna McDowell] NEW YORK: An excellent morning (Wednesday, 12 October 2011) with McCann Worldgroup. We met with the McCann group leaders, as well the individual agencies MRM, Momentum and McCann Humancare (healthcare).

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[AdForum Worldwide Summit] Day four in NYC
Johanna McDowell[Johanna McDowell] NEW YORK: Day four, Thursday 12 October 2011, was an interesting day. First stop was Lowe & Partners, which is rejuvenating itself. Impressive work presented and enjoyed by all.

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[AdForum Worldwide Summit] Last day in NYC
Johanna McDowell[Johanna McDowell] NEW YORK: Day five, Friday, 14 October 2011, was dominated by Dentsu and IPG. Dentsu West is the agency network outside of the Far East. It has a dot in Africa - Mozambique. But otherwise it is everywhere and growing fast.

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[AdForum Worldwide Summit] Day one in Paris
Johanna McDowell[Johanna McDowell] PARIS, FRANCE: Day one of the AdForum Worldwide Summit in Paris, 18-20 April, started midday with a presentation at Ogilvy Paris and lunch. The focus for this first day has been luxury brands and those agencies which specialise in understanding those luxury brands. With Paris being the home of luxury, it all made total sense.

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[AdForum Worldwide Summit] Day two in Paris
Johanna McDowell[Johanna McDowell] PARIS, FRANCE: From 8am until 23.30pm, 30 consultants from all over the world visited and met with six agency groups throughout day two of the 2012 AdForum Worldwide Summit in Paris.

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[AdForum Worldwide Summit] Day three in Paris
Johanna McDowell[Johanna McDowell] PARIS, FRANCE: The final day of the 2012 AdForum Worldwide Summit in Paris started on the roof of the Publicis building, with CEO Maurice Levy giving us his view of the communications world and his group from the vantage point of the Arc de Triomphe.

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[AdForum Worldwide Summit] Day four in the Big Apple
Johanna McDowell[Johanna McDowell] NEW YORK CITY: Day 4 of the 2012 AdForum Worldwide Summit was a jam-packed day and we met with a total of six agencies all over New York city.

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