The 'W' manifesto: won
Abey Mokgwatsane[Abey Mokgwatsane]

Do you ever think about the future balance of power in the world of consumer relationships? As a marketer it is definitely worth evaluating in order to spot the fast-growing trend of offering customer-orientated solutions.

[09 Mar 2009 13:04]

The ‘W’ manifesto: too
Abey Mokgwatsane[Abey Mokgwatsane]

In my last post I covered the idea that too much choice, paradoxically, is having a negative impact on the consumer. It will eventually lead to birthing a new industry of "navigators" or organisations whose sole purpose will be to simplify the lives of consumers in terms of offering them guidance and information to empower them to make the wisest choice when it comes to product and service selection.

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The ‘W’ manifesto: free
Abey Mokgwatsane[Abey Mokgwatsane] In my last post I covered the idea that too much choice is having a negative impact on the consumer, and this will birth an industry of "navigators".

[24 Mar 2009 18:57]

The 'W' manifesto: four
Abey Mokgwatsane[Abey Mokgwatsane] My previous two posts introduced the idea that since consumers are bombarded with choice, a new industry is on the rise. I'm talking about "navigators" or organisations whose sole purpose is to offering guidance and info in order for consumers to make the best choice between products and services.

[07 Apr 2009 12:11]

The 'W' manifesto: five
Abey Mokgwatsane[Abey Mokgwatsane] So, in the fifth and final part of this particular blog series of 'W' manifesto I will cover how to start building a navigator. For details on what a navigator is see blog 1, blog 2, blog 3 and blog 4.

[15 Apr 2009 13:55]

Abey Mokgwatsane[Abey Mokgwatsane] There I was just minding my own business on the roads of Jozi, when out of nowhere (ok, almost nowhere) a taxi driver rammed into the back of my car. My destination at the time was one of VWV’s newest clients, MINI.

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I want to Start Something New...
Abey Mokgwatsane[Abey Mokgwatsane] I want to start something... There’s always a thrill in doing this. Originating, being the founder, creating change, shifting the world out of its inertia and beginning a movement.

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Confed Cup mania hits SA
Abey Mokgwatsane[Abey Mokgwatsane] If you’re a regular on Bizcommunity, you may have read that VWV Consortium was appointed by the LOC to produce the opening and closing ceremonies for the Confed Cup. On all accounts this has been an interesting experience for our business. Yes, VWV has done some big events in the past but none with a global audience such as this.

[24 Jun 2009 12:27]

[SSN] We’ve started something new
Abey Mokgwatsane[Abey Mokgwatsane] Some of you may remember I wrote a post I want to start something new, a while back. My inspiration was to apply creative skill to brainstorm ideas for solutions to the challenges we face today.Since deadlines inspire action, I mentioned that by 7 July 2009 something would be in progress. I also put it out there that should any other creatives have ideas worth pursuing, they should join ‘the cause'.

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[SSN] For profit versus non-profit
Abey Mokgwatsane[Abey Mokgwatsane] If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know that industry individuals got together on 7 June 2009 to start something new – or SSN, as it is now known. The aim of our gathering was to initiate projects that will create economic value for those less fortunate. Another fundamental that was agreed was that SSN would be a non-profit organisation where any profit would be fed back into the community. We were all OK with this until...

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Coming up for air
Abey Mokgwatsane[Abey Mokgwatsane] I feel like I’ve just come up for air! Maybe that’s just a big city thing – whenever you ask a fellow Joburger how they are, the standard response is: “Fine, thanks, just very busy.” Anyhow, I really mean it.

[05 Nov 2009 11:15]

Relentless in the face of impossibility
Abey Mokgwatsane[Abey Mokgwatsane] I want to tell you about an experience I had post our production of the Confederations Cup opening and closing ceremonies last year. Approximately 800 kids from eight Gauteng schools volunteered their time to perform at the ceremonies, and to thank them for being such an important part of our history, we went on a ‘thank you’ road-trip visiting the pupils at each of their schools.

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Let's talk about... tea parties
Abey Mokgwatsane[Abey Mokgwatsane] There is something about being on a plane that inspires me to write my blogs. I’m en-route to Brazil – I’m part of a delegation organised by South African Tourism, on invitation by Brazil Tourism, to share learnings gained from the 2010 FIFA World Cup with our Brazilian counterparts. However, I’ve written enough about soccer-related stuff recently. I want to talk about Tea Parties.

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Brazil’s decade
Abey Mokgwatsane[Abey Mokgwatsane] So here I am on my way back from Brazil... What an eye opener. Travel should be mandatory for everyone. (Hey, how many places outside of South Africa do you think Julius Malema has been to?)

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Leadership in the age of communication
Abey Mokgwatsane[Abey Mokgwatsane] Having read my blogs, you’ll know that this is my favourite topic. We need leadership to help us through this defining time of our generation – the world’s people are going through a process of re-evaluation of who they are, what they stand for, and where they are going.

[13 Dec 2010 11:02]

Intelligent naivety
Abey Mokgwatsane[Abey Mokgwatsane] I bumped into a group of post-grad students while I was at Vega last week. The brief interaction left me feeling really upbeat and reminded me of “intelligent naivety”, a term that I picked up in a book by Adam Morgan, titled Eating the Big Fish.

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Two hundred, young, bright minds in one place
Abey Mokgwatsane[Abey Mokgwatsane] I was at the Mail & Guardian Top 200 South Africans launch last week. I was there because I was fortunate enough to make the list in this year’s business category. This, however, is not about me; it’s about the incredible people I met that day. I mean, what else could I ask for? Two hundred, young, bright minds in one place.

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