Will Nematandani’s vision prevail beyond 2020?
Dr Nikolaus Eberl[Dr Nikolaus Eberl] As the European football leagues wound up their 2009/10 season recently, events took a tragic turn in the Turkish capital of Istanbul, when hundreds of Fenerbahçe supporters poured onto the pitch after the final whistle was blown to briefly celebrate their team’s 18th league title.

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Let’s stop letting people say, “I’m going to Africa”
Dr Graeme Codrington[Dr Graeme Codrington] I have been living and working in the UK for nearly two years now, and there’s something that really irritates me. I notice it in the media, in TV reports and in everyday conversations. It’s people referring to “Africa” as if it was a single country. Over and over, I hear people talking about something that has happened in an African country, and simply referring to it as “Africa”. This would never happen with other regions in the world.

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Lessons in an urn: leadership lessons from an Ashes series
Dr Graeme Codrington[Dr Graeme Codrington] Every other year, Australia and England play a cricket test match series against each other known as the Ashes, competing for the smallest – but arguably most revered - trophy in international sport. This series gets top billing on sports shows, and is hyped beyond belief. And, on Sunday, 23 August, it ended for 2009.

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[Review] Terrific and disturbing – District 9 is a hit
Gwen Watkins[Gwen Watkins] Last week’s media preview of District 9, the new South African sci-fi film, left most of us quite shattered. Not expecting such a performance or to be so engrossed, the film may draw on recognised genres but it delivers the shock and uncomfortable recognition that Paul Verhoeven used to deliver. [video]

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