Two hundred, young, bright minds in one place
Abey Mokgwatsane[Abey Mokgwatsane] I was at the Mail & Guardian Top 200 South Africans launch last week. I was there because I was fortunate enough to make the list in this year’s business category. This, however, is not about me; it’s about the incredible people I met that day. I mean, what else could I ask for? Two hundred, young, bright minds in one place.

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Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
Terry Levin[Terry Levin] If we were to attempt to define Brand South Africa as a personality (and heaven knows it could do with some) we might summon up descriptors like: entrepreneurial, charming, exciting, friendly, sociable, creative, style leaders - things like that...Unpacking ZA’s presence at the Shanghai World Expo 2010.

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