[AdForum Worldwide Summit] Day one in Paris
Johanna McDowell[Johanna McDowell] PARIS, FRANCE: Day one of the AdForum Worldwide Summit in Paris, 18-20 April, started midday with a presentation at Ogilvy Paris and lunch. The focus for this first day has been luxury brands and those agencies which specialise in understanding those luxury brands. With Paris being the home of luxury, it all made total sense.

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[SIGGRAPH 2011] Day 3 – the prize
Rafi Leigh[Rafi Leigh] VANCOUVER, CANADA: Getting here to Vancouver seemed desperately important. I knew that technologists were finally connecting the dots. I put all other new business strategies on hold, and made a 16 653lm beeline for the SIGGRAPH convention, where I knew I would find nuggets of wisdom running along the seam lines of emerging tech and creative genius.

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[SIGGRAPH 2011] Day 2 – augmented reality means…
Rafi Leigh[Rafi Leigh] VANCOUVER, CANADA: There are two distinct augmented reality (AR) groups at SIGGRAPH this year. There are the technical innovators who are developing computer products and the brilliant operators who are using them. I’ll describe a few developments I saw yesterday, Thursday, 11 August 2011, which are capable of transforming the way we interact with data.

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[SIGGRAPH 2011] Day 1 – augmented reality
Rafi Leigh[Rafi Leigh] VANCOUVER, CANADA: So here I am, in Vancouver, Canada, for the 38th annual global SIGGRAPH conference and exhibition, researching 3D film and gaming technologies and writing on emerging technologies and the potential applications for the South African retail sector. I’ll get to the point. Retail will never be the same again

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[Design Indaba conf] Martha Stewart flamed
Louise Marsland[Louise Marsland] The always spectacular Design Indaba will this year be remembered, not only for the fabulous speakers such as Harry Pearce, Bruce Nussbaum, Priyush Pandey, Stefan Bucher, Mokena Makeke, etc, but for the worst presentation it’s ever hosted – by famous ‘homemaker’ Martha Stewart. Who will also now be credited with launching the first local “twitcom”. [view twitterfall]

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