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This is the communal blog of Karin Botta and Uno de Waal, business unit director and senior social strategist at trigger/isobar (www.isobar.co.za), who are both attending South by South West (SxSW) 2012, the annual film, music and interactive festival held in March in Austin, Texas. Follow @triggerisobar and Twitter List @Bizcommunity/sxswsa2012 for the duration of the festival.
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[SxSW 2012] Part I: Preparation

09 Mar 2012 11:38:00
Arriving in Austin at Night. Pic: Karin Botta.
Arriving in Austin at Night. Pic: Karin Botta.
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Karin Botta: After months of planning, we’re finally here. A brief intro: South by Southwest (SxSW) or ‘South By’, as the cool kids call it, is probably the biggest and regarded as the best digital conference in the world.

Held annually in Austin, it started out as a music festival – one of the first of the summer season, and has slowly grown into a conference and events festival across film, music and ‘interactive’, which covers a wide range of topics across the digital field, including content and journalism, data, technology, social media and more.

The next week promises to be packed solid with talks, panels, expos, parties and product showcases; here are a few (of the hundreds of) things that I’m excited about:
  1. Transmedia storytelling and brands as patterns

    The concept of transmedia is not really all that new – brands have always needed to deliver the same experience across multiple touchpoints. Now, however, brands need to deliver rich experiences, often through stories. Most importantly, however, in order to stay consistently relevant, they need to remember that the market and consumer perceptions are fluid. This is a huge strategic challenge.

  2. Investigating social mechanisms with mobile phones

    We know by now that the potential of mobile far extends past marketing to consumers on phones using push messages, and that the answer to the alternative lies in the way that mobile is used by consumers. This talk is on a research project done recently by MIT that used mobile phones as a behavioural research collection tool, something that I think can be hugely relevant in South Africa.

  3. Why QR codes are not engaging consumers

    This needs no introduction really. I’m sure that any digital media professional has argued over the potential of a QR code in a digital campaign. My view is that QR codes should be used only when the user experience is right, so I’m interested in seeing the cases where they do and don’t work at this panel.

  4. The GE Garage, Nokia R&D Lab and other exhibits

    Just walking around Austin at the moment, you can see that every parking lot or public space has been taken up by some kind of over-the-top structure, eg, with huge screens or igloo-shaped tents for live product displays, workshops and events. I’ll be sure to take a lot of pictures.

  5. Isobar global meet-up

    We’re lucky to be part of such a big global network of digital agencies across developed and emerging markets and often with the same clients. There is some serious talent in the Isobar network and we’ll be spending some time with the teams, mostly from the US and the UK, but I’m particularly excited to meet the Brazilians attending from AgenciaClick Isobar.
It’s going to be a busy week – watch this space.

Follow @triggerisobar and Twitter list @Bizcommunity/sxswsa2012 for the duration of the festival.

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