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This is the communal blog of Karin Botta and Uno de Waal, business unit director and senior social strategist at trigger/isobar (, who are both attending South by South West (SxSW) 2012, the annual film, music and interactive festival held in March in Austin, Texas. Follow @triggerisobar and Twitter List @Bizcommunity/sxswsa2012 for the duration of the festival.

[SxSW 2012] Part VIII: Gallery of snaps
Karin Botta: At SxSW, your senses are taken over at every corner; there is always a party, a food truck, an activation, or just people dressing up. Despite total sensory overload, I managed to remember to take a few photos during the event.

[20 Mar 2012 16:37]

[SxSW 2012] Part VII: Demystifying storytelling
Karin Botta: Another prevalent theme at SXSW was content marketing - something that we are all talking about and including in most 2012 digital strategies. I went to two panels that addressed this topic in different ways: ‘brands as patterns’ - from a design point of view, and ‘multiplatform storytelling’ from a film, entertainment and marketing point of view.

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[SxSW 2012] Part VI: Need to know
Uno de Waal: While SxSW has a great lineup of incredible speakers and events, the fringe events that happen around the main conference are equally as exciting and a great way to add extra value to your time at in Austin. One of these sessions was the PSFK Need to Know series, which was hosted after most of the other talks had finished, and styled as a networking event.

[14 Mar 2012 09:49]

[SxSW 2012] Part V: Brands as APIs
Uno de Waal: SxSW Interactive is primarily a conference attended by the tech-set. However, SXSW also sees a lot of people attending from the non-technical side, such as branding, strategy and marketing. Often the two overlap, and often we need different metaphors from different industries to explain things. The most interesting of these metaphors came from the brands as APIs, content publisher discussions and the way we measure ROI in social media talks.

[13 Mar 2012 10:09]

[SxSW 2012] Part IV: Drugs, milk and money - social and regulated industries
Karin Botta: I attended a talk on Monday afternoon, 12 March 2012, where a small group discussed brands that operate in regulated industries and the issues they encounter in finding content and ensuring it gets approved and published in fairly short lead times. Many of the brands that exist in South Africa are either in regulated industries or are global with strict guidelines that may or may not be relevant to the local market, so I believe that is a relevant and important topic for us.

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[SxSW 2012] Part III: The agency as product creator
[SxSW 2012] Part III: The agency as product creatorUno de Waal: A key theme threading through SxSW this year is the idea that an agency (marketing, advertising, communications etc) should function in very similar ways to a start-up. This is primarily running through the start-up track led by the 500Startups crew, under guidance of Eric Ries and Dave McClure, but other talks have also peppered the packed schedule.

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[SxSW 2012] Part II: Shrink it and pink it
[SxSW 2012] Part II: Shrink it and pink itKarin Botta: Although SXSW is a tech conference, one of the things that resonated quite strongly with me is a talk I attended on Saturday morning, 10 March 2012, called ‘Designing Experiences for Women’, where the speakers discussed the stereotypes that marketers often fall into using when communicating to groups of people, specifically women.

[12 Mar 2012 11:09]

[SxSW 2012] Part I: Preparation
[SxSW 2012] Part I: PreparationKarin Botta: After months of planning, we’re finally here. A brief intro: South by Southwest (SxSW) or ‘South By’, as the cool kids call it, is probably the biggest and regarded as the best digital conference in the world. Held annually in Austin, it started out as a music festival – one of the first of the summer season, and has slowly grown into a conference and events festival across film, music and ‘interactive’.

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