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The use of social media for learning, teaching and citizenship

07 Jun 2013 13:16:00
And if so, how can we then transform that ‘cafeteria’ into a study hall? Would it be possible to turn something as simple as a Facebook Group into a place where students can study together and learn from each other?

Studies have shown that peer-to-peer learning is a fundamental part of the learning process as it is usually approached in a more relaxed manner and furthermore, students don’t feel uncomfortable about asking their peers for help.

In a recent study at Makerere University in Uganda, Paul Birevu Muyinda found that by using a Facebook Group as a central hub, his students they were able to engage in group discussions, chat amongst themselves and obtain course information. The platform also enabled them to consult other students and lecturers and afforded easy access to learning material and assignments. Finally, it served as a virtual meeting space for distance learners who would not otherwise have had contact with their fellow classmates.

If it worked in Uganda then there is no reason it shouldn’t work in South Africa too.

[7 Jun 2013 13:16]

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