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This is the communal blog of the South African College of Business (SACOB), who are currently at the eLearning Africa conference taking place in Windhoek, Namibia, from 29 May-31 May 2013. Follow them on Twitter at @SACOB_education and on Facebook.

Reflections on eLearning Africa
eLearning Africa has come and gone and as is so often the case after events like these, that we are left feeling incredibly inspired. Our minds awash with new thoughts, ideas and opinions, we’re eager to explore this landscape we find ourselves entering into.

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The use of social media for learning, teaching and citizenship
On Day 3 at the eLearning Africa Conference, one presentation in particular stood out. It focused on the idea that if the Learner Management System was the online classroom then surely social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter could serve as the cafeteria?

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eLearning Africa Conference: Day 2
Day 2 of the eLearning Africa Conference focused largely on the role of the teacher. At the seminar entitled 'Tablet-Enabled Learning: A Sweet or Bitter pill?', Leonard Nyanyukweni, a teacher at Omahila Combined School in Namibia, demonstrated just how effective tablets are in the classroom.

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10 ways to ruin a course
The South African College of Business (SACOB) recently attended the eLearning Africa Conference in Namibia to see how they can improve the course material they offer. A pre-workshop seminar entitled 'Rethinking Our Course’s for Tomorrow’s African Learners', led by the South African Institute for Distance Education (SAIDE), looked at the kinds of pitfalls that can render a course ineffective.

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eLearning Africa: Day 1
eLearning, mLearning, online learning, computer based learning, high touch learning, online lecturer-led education - a myriad of terms used to describe the delivery of educational technology.

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