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This is the communal blog of Jenny Glover and Brent Singer, joint ECDs at Net#work BBDO who are off to Cannes Lions 2013. Together, the two have won five Gold Lions (four of those being Campaign Lions) and one Cannes Grand Prix in their four years of working together. Throughout the festival, they will bring regular updates on what's happening, as well as the overall feel at Cannes.

[Cannes Lions 2013] Back pats and fist pumps for SA
On Wednesday night, 19 June 2013, the tanned and white-toothed festival MC and his two anorexic stage-poppies handed out a good stash of Radio, Print and Design Lions.

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[Cannes Lions 2013] Awards kick-off
Hello all, Brent here. In an ad hoc but very official ceremony, Jen was awarded the prestigious Hangover Lion this morning. So I'll be handling the blog reins while my wordsmith partner lies in a puddle of glory, waiting for the Myprodol to kick in and the regret to wear off.

[18 Jun 2013 17:00]

[Cannes Lions 2013] Part party, part business
Jenny Glover: This blog is constructed much like a mullet – the haircut, not the fish – in that it is part party, part business.

[18 Jun 2013 10:38]

[Cannes Lions 2013] On arrival
Stepping off the plane at Nice airport, one can literally smell the hope of thousands of bright-eyed and expectant creatives. Hope that will in a few short days be replaced by the acrid smell of disappointment and b.o.

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