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SA entrepreneur Mike Frampton, the founder and ex-chairman of DDB South Africa, has been in the advertising industry for over 18 years. The founder of Framptons in 1990, which became part of the DDB network in 1999, Frida Communication - Mike’s new passion - is an agency dedicated to courage and commitment, named and enshrined in the spirit of Frida Kahlo, one of Mexico’s great artists of all time. Contact Mike on cell +27 (0)83 626 0416 or email .
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Professor Mamba: Recession. What recession?
In these times of angst and mayhem, don’t tell me that you can’t go out with something that could work and or at least prick interest. If it weren’t for my son, I would never have come across this leaflet/handout. As a rule I hate the robot “hander-outers”of paper, but this one is special.

Comments [1] [29 May 2009 12:46]

Drumsticks in a bag
I just a had a great lunch of chicken drumsticks pre-spiced and ready to go (being psychopaths as we are at Frida Communication, we cook every day, not only because we are hungry, but because we are really interested in the innovative products which a number of brands are beginning to produce and place on our retail shelves). Quite remarkable that for how many years haven’t we eaten, enjoyed and loved a classical and traditional chicken leg, but my, how amazing it is when the traditional chicken leg is transformed into something we have never tasted before? (Good on you, Spar).

[24 Mar 2009 19:05]

You’re invited
Nothing in this industry is probably more exciting than being invited to pitch on a major brand. There is nothing more exciting, nothing more rewarding than in our creative minds to be seen as a preferred shortlisted and or contender in a pitch.

Comments [3] [17 Mar 2009 12:51]

If you don’t use your kokis, you’re gonna be in trouble
Have you drawn a headline lately? It seems that globally, and locally, there is a trend to bring back typography which is distinctive, original, but more importantly hand-drawn. Have a look around and you will notice that all the major brands are more and more using handwritten typography in an attempt to differentiate themselves.

Comments [1] [12 Mar 2009 13:36]

Pity me because my partner thinks so
So it goes like this. In my last entry I referred to the concept that more and more photographers are sending back models (18 years and younger) that have no life experience and that more and more retouches are being called upon to create the “imperfections” required to create the life experience the camera and our audiences can and do detect. My partner in Frida Communication thought I had lost the plot and questioned the principle of imperfection in brand advertising today.

Comments [4] [05 Mar 2009 11:14]

Waiting waiting waiting for the bus. Where’s the bus?
So it took a group of US students to decide that waiting for a bus is a little like waiting for life.

[26 Feb 2009 09:21]

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