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Marion Scher ( is an award-winning journalist, lecturer, media trainer and consultant with 25 years' experience in the industry. For more of her writing, go to her Bizcommunity profile or to Twitter @marionscher.

What’s the point of writing words no-one wants to read?
Those of you reading this who are aware that no-one actually reads the newsletters or magazines sent to your client base, take note.

Comments [6] [08 Mar 2011 11:12]

Julius, you're a hoot!
Don't believe what you hear Julius, us media love you... Be careful what you say to a journalist - remember, it's going to be immortalised in print!

Comments [3] [08 Feb 2011 13:09]

The ADHD generation
How can anyone today be expected to write when they don’t read – well, not proper reading? Have a look at anyone in your office aged 40 or younger – the 20s set in particular. What are they doing with every spare second?

Comments [5] [03 Feb 2011 11:41]

What’s in a name?
When I started out as a freelancer 100 years or so ago that’s what I was - a freelance journalist. No one queried that title or said “Is that all you do?” other than some family members enquiring as to when I would be getting a proper job!

[16 Sep 2010 13:29]

Bottling the gees
Who would have believed that the main subject of conversation between middle-class white women over coffee mornings and dinner parties would be soccer? Who would have seen themselves grinning wildly and have an overwhelming urge to embrace total strangers spending their euros and dollars at our shopping malls? For the last month, the new national pastime became ‘go to malls, fan parks and stadiums to watch the tourists’...

Comments [2] [14 Jul 2010 12:38]

BlackBerry writing – watch out
Ask any language purist and they’ll tell you how technology is affecting the English language – that is, watching it go down the tubes...

Comments [3] [05 Jul 2010 11:57]

Beware of the Internet – it’s not as big a world as you think
Recently I judged a journalism award for a large pharmaceutical company based on a very serious health issue. Most of the entries were of a very high standard and I was enjoying being educated with the latest news on the fight against this illness. That was, until I got to the final entry.

Comments [1] [17 May 2010 12:25]

Being a celeb doesn’t mean you can break the rules
If you mention the name Lance Armstrong this week in South Africa, you’ll be met with mixed reactions. Talk shows are talking and twitterers tweeting. It all started when Armstrong arrived in Cape Town with a full passport – a no-no for admittance to any country in the world. You need at least two blank pages for stamping and you’d think Armstrong, being a world traveller, would know that.

Comments [3] [10 Mar 2010 13:20]

You are your email!
One of my clients forwarded me an email from a well-known international media house requesting an interview with her. The email was scrappy, badly written and totally unprofessional. Its highly distinctive logo was nowhere in sight – in fact it wasn’t even written on a letterhead.

[10 Feb 2010 11:28]

Take care when choosing a spokesperson
So your company needs to nominate a spokesperson – pretty straightforward decision, don’t you think? After all, who are you going to choose, the person with the speech impediment or perhaps someone for whom English is a third language? Maybe an alien from another planet or possibly just someone who doesn’t seem to have enough to do in the office and volunteered?

[04 Nov 2009 10:28]

Networking blues
When quite a while back, former editor and friend Louise Marsland said I HAD to join Facebook – be in or be out – I jumped to attention and immediately signed up. My 21-year-old son’s reaction was “Ma, you joined Facebook – that’s so lame...” That, of course, made me feel much better about my choice.

Comments [2] [06 Aug 2009 17:27]

Pick a board – any board
It’s finally happened – the SABC board is being dissolved. At last the penny’s dropped that these guys, or at least the majority of them – have tipped the sinking ship even further into the sea.

Comments [1] [02 Jul 2009 09:58]

Much ado about nothing – Confed Cup branding bungle
Been to OR Tambo International Airport in the last week? What would you expect to see right now, during the much-feted Confederations Cup? Why banners, of course, welcoming much-needed tourists to our country and the event.

Comments [6] [17 Jun 2009 11:25]

Time to face it, guys, you desperately need training
As a media professional, I should be grateful to Julius, Jacob, Helen and most of COSATU for constantly letting their mouth-offs make the front page and selling papers. But it’s now time to take on a more professional image.

Comments [3] [09 Jun 2009 11:52]

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