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Josh Adler is director at the Centre for Entrepreneurial Leadership ( at African Leadership Academy (@ALAcademy) - identifying, developing and connecting the next generation of African leaders. Before entering education, Josh worked for UNDP's Africa Facility for Inclusive Markets (AFIM) and prior to that was the CEO of web technology firm Prefix Technologies. Website, tel +27 (0)11 699 3000, email , tweet @joshadza and connect on LinkedIn.

[ICOM] Conclusions...
It's over and I'm pretty knackered. I can happily blame the few guys I went out with last night; an evening rounding off on a high note what has been an interesting conference experience. The conversation into the early hours was deep and intellectual, focusing mainly on past episodes of Top Gear, horseracing and worst cities in the world, while some of us lost money at the roulette table.

[15 Mar 2010 11:53]

[ICOM] The I-COM Summit gets down to business...
I'd hoped to blog throughout the proceedings, but while I find the idea of documenting and tweeting stuff in real time novel and webby, you cannot escape the fact that conferences are about person-to-person networking in the real-world! In this way, I suppose I'm not a geek at all, and I love to work an event like this very hard, getting to the people I need to and engaging in the conversations.

[12 Mar 2010 12:07]

[ICOM] The arrival, measurement vendors and trends
I arrived in Lisbon and got an email as soon as I got to the hotel requesting my participation in a round-table chat focused on emerging market measurement for Africa and the Middle East. So much for standing for silently on the sidelines! A quick check-in and I was off to register at the conference venue with my Bookmarks 2008 t-shirt to make me easy to spot! Turns out I was a little underdressed. Measurement is the business side of media - even the techies seemed to be in suits yesterday!

Comments [1] [11 Mar 2010 10:11]

[ICOM] When cold in Europe, go through conference programme
It’s freezing, and it’s early. I stepped off the plane into transit in Zurich, and am certain I saw snow on the ground around the tarmac. The trick is to get warm liquid into you quickly, and a seat that is more of a couch. Perfect for warming up and booting up to pound out some mail and the odd blog post before my flight to Lisbon.

[10 Mar 2010 17:52]

[ICOM] What the heck is ICOM and why is it important for SA's digital progress?
Well, it’s arrived. I'm sitting in the lounge about to fly off to Portugal for the I-COM summit (International Conference on Online Media Measurement), an event that takes place every two years and seems to attract everyone who's anyone in the world of "Internet audience measurement". A hefty term, and the easiest way to dumb it down is to say that we're here to try and better understand the best ways to measure what on earth goes on with visitor activity to the ever-changing world of web, mobile and social media.

[09 Mar 2010 19:32]

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