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[AdForum Worldwide Summit] Day one in Paris

19 Apr 2012 13:33:00
PARIS, FRANCE: Day one of the AdForum Worldwide Summit in Paris, 18-20 April, started midday with a presentation at Ogilvy Paris and lunch. The focus for this first day has been luxury brands and those agencies which specialise in understanding those luxury brands. With Paris being the home of luxury, it all made total sense.

Ogilvy gave us some fascinating insights into the Louis Vuitton brand advertising, which it has handled for some years, and this history of this brand is legendary. We learned that luxury brands are tightly controlled, and represent journeys of self-discovery for consumers.

We then had a series of meetings with research company IFOP, which specialises in understanding the luxury market, then two other experts in this area.

South Africa, as an emerging market, follows the general trend of other emerging markets which have increased their consumption of luxury products. Emerging markets are optimistic about the future and, therefore, spending. Facebook pages are a key tactic for luxury brands to communicate in emerging markets.

We then met with Atelier, Balistik Art, Forward and Les Gens de L’Atelier – four specialist agencies with 360-degree marketing experience in the luxury area.

We ended the day with JWT and three superb presentations demonstrating its insights and experiences with luxury brands such as Rolex, along with the Seven Laws of Luxury Marketing – which we will share on our return to SA.

Wine-tasting and delicious foods complemented the evening with JWT, which was a very special way to end day one of this summit.


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sigit hermawan
sigit hermawan
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