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In 1994, South Africans elected their first democratic government, and Garth opened Orange Juice Design, which became one of South Africa’s best-known graphic design studios and one of the very few with an international reputation. In time, OJ was acquired by advertising giant Ogilvy South Africa as its premium design brand. In 2008, Garth has once again gone solo with a new studio, Mister Walker ( Contact Garth on .
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Ten things I have learnt
Here are ten things I have learnt.

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Starting, running and keeping a small design business
You are a designer - and want to stay a designer - a few tips from the ‘school of hard knocks’ on what to expect if you go it alone...

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There is an urgent need to reclaim our photographic heritage
Visual images evoke the most powerful sense of a moment in history, none more so than photographs. There are countless examples that immediately spring to mind as icons of turning points in the 20th century.

[22 Feb 2009 19:34]

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